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  • Ian


    Hi, I had a question concerning attributes.

    So I saw:

    #_ATT{Field Label}{Default Option|Option 1|Option 2|etc.} – Select from one of the options, seperated by a pipe | character. If not defined, the first option is considered the default option.

    And I noticed that from the front-end on the event submission form that an attribute was using a drop-down selection box, but this only allows one option to be selected. Is there a way for me to make this a checkbox instead?

    I currently have #_ATT{age group}{All Ages|0-1|1-2|2-5|5-12|12+} for an event, and I would like the user to be able to select multiple options, as some events may be applicable for multiple age groups.

    I know some PHP, so even if you could direct me to the file(s) to modify, I would appreciate that. Thanks.

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  • Plugin Support angelo_nwl


    you can modify template file at events-manager/templates/forms/event/attributes-public.php

    to use templates:

    eg. wp-content/themes/Your Theme/plugins/events-manager/forms/event/attributes-public.php



    Thanks for responding, @angelo_nwl.

    I managed to modify the front-end attribute to allow a multiple selection through appending a multiple attribute to the select tag.

    The thing is, though, after submitting the form with multiple values, though, the back-end only displays one value as selected. (I also appended the multiple attribute to this as well with the “attributes” template.)

    Is there another template file that I would be able to modify to solve the issue?

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    Hmmm… I’m thinking now of playing around apply_filters('em_get_attributes_'.$attribute, $new_values, $attribute, $matches); .

    (don’t know what the DDM refers to in //We also get a list of attribute names and create a ddm list (since placeholders are fixed))

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