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    [I’m using 1.2]

    I want to make a photolog out of wordpress, so I was thinking of putting the image in the content page and then the information under a “more” tag.
    However I don’t want to the main large image to be with the content for it. I want a thumb for that.

    So, I dismissed the idea.

    I thought of embedding the function for the title tag into a img src code then putting the url as the title not displaying the content in the index and then in the comments (popups) would display the thumb and the content.

    But I wanted to use the archives and it wouldn’t look nice with all the urls.

    So, i dismissed that idea.

    I then came to something where I could define the image url to show for each entry on the entry page. Then I enter a “function” tag to show the image and then when you click to get the comments you get the thumb and then the content.

    I liked that idea.

    But I have no clue what to do on to this.


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  • These Quicktags used together may help:


    Using the ‘more’ Quicktag with ‘noteaser ‘ sets any content above it (considered the “teaser”) to display only on non-single post pages. It will not appear with any content below the Quicktags.

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