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  • I have finally figured out how to post code after several months of trying to post things in these forums. I was hoping that the great oracles in charge of these forums might “see the light” to help others who struggle with this.

    Under this Post Box, there is a statement of “Allowed tags” with a list and instructions to:

    Put code in between ‘

    First of all, I had to learn what a backtick was. On US/English keyboards, it’s that little mark on the tilde ~ key next to the 1 key. On other nationalized and language keyboards – who knows where it resides and even IF it resides. I can’t even find a character code for it.

    Second, do I use this when I enter code, or when I want code to show. There is no explanation so I’ve been putting it around every piece of code to format the content of the post, and it makes the code show up. Huh?

    Third, the example implies that the tag should be marked as ‘
    strong‘ . But it”s not. So what is it? I must not be the first to comment on this.

    So is it:

    1. ‘<strong>

    or is it

    2. < ‘ strong ‘ >?

    Well, the answer is number 1 but it has been a painful learning experience.

    Can whoever is in charge of the forums please change the statement so it reads:

    Put tag code you want to be visible in between backticks such as:


    It would really help all everyone to have this be specific. Thanks.

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  • It’s <strong> then a backtick then the code, then a closing backtick then the closing </strong>.

    That would give you this:
    Bold code

    whereas just using backticks alone gives you this:
    Bold code
    which really isn’t so bold. 🙂

    EDIT: Oh, wait…I see what you’re getting at! DOH! 🙂

    Thanks. I figured it out, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to figure it out. WordPress is wonderful because it is so totally easy and user friendly, and this tiny improvement would seriously help the forums.

    I really had to OVERWORK hard just to get something that looked like backticks to show up on the page so this post would be understood.

    I can’t remember the last time I worked so hard on a post. In this case, Preview would have helped a lot….ugh.

    I am still having a heck of a time including code in my posts. The software here strips and cleans things I don’t want cleaned. Can we PLEASE have a better little help file that gives nice examples of how to do it?

    Like the one that pops up to help with the editing styles in the Codex. I’m going nuts with pasting in code and putting backticks and everything around it and then somehow the software thinks I’m doing something else and it rewrites my preciously typed in codes.

    Without a preview, I have to edit the post to get it right and sometimes someone answers me during the edits, correcting me on the mistake the forum software made in “correcting” my code, and that’s not the point of my question.

    Any way to help those of us who love this forum do this better? I’m not a whiner. If I knew how, I’d post it, search for it, and learn from it.

    There is a better way to include code in the forums:

    Thanks. It doesn’t help explain the backtick thing, but this does help a lot.
    I could have used these a couple of months ago while writing an extensive series of articles on CSS and HTML on my site and converting tons of code to extended characters. This is great!

    Thanks Lorelle for posting this.

    I just found this little gem while doing a search!

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