Making a wordpress presentation, am I forgetting some important parts? (1 post)

  1. Icethrill
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hey people!

    Now at work I have started making a WordPress presentation for the people at work. They don't understand it very much of what it is etc. The people I am gonna show it for is designers, developers and projectmanagers. This is short of what I have planned:

    - About WordPress
    - The ever expanding WordPress
    - *dashboard screenshot*
    - What is posts and pages?
    - Categories
    - Widgets
    - *example of what widgets might look like and used, screenshot*
    - *the widget part of the dashboard, screenshot*
    - 5 reasons to use WordPress as a CMS
    - How does a regular WordPress site look like?
    - The regular blog structure
    - Example 1 website using WordPress, cooking community
    - Example 2 website using WordPress, architech blog
    - Example 3 website using WordPress, the ford story
    - Example 4 website using WordPress, fashion website
    - ?

    So thats what I got at the moment, the designers I want them to get ideas how to design new and good WordPress sites, the devlopers I just want them to get an eye on what it is and showing the projectmanagers what kind of clients might be interested in this.

    So I want ideas, what can I do to make it better? Any good ideas out there? So it aint a presentation how to use WordPress, its more about its features and strong points I want to focus on!

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