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  • I am a high school teacher and have a class in electronic publications. I to teach my students how to add pages, change backgrounds, etc but I do not want them to be able to delete me! As their teacher and representative of the school district, I have to be able to edit what they put up and supervise the changes they make to the site. Can this be done?

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  • Do you have just a single WordPress site that all students have to use, or do you have a WordPress multisite network so each student (or groups of students) have their own full WordPress site?

    If all you have is a single WordPress site, I don’t see it being feasible to allow your students to make design changes to the entire site (ie customize the site theme)… as they’ll simply be overriding each other’s changes.

    In that case, their design and editing will be limited to individual pages/posts.

    The EASIEST approach would be to give them the contributor role. With this:

    1) they’ll only be able to create WordPress POSTs (no access to PAGEs or anything else).
    2) They can use blocks to design the post (you can install plugins to give them additional blocks with advanced presentation features)
    3)Moderation is built-in: they can only submit their changes for review, and they can never publish directly.

    For a single WordPress site, I wouldn’t go beyond the contributor role.

    But if you prefer to give your students higher capabilities, to answer your original question, you’ll need to use a plugin to edit the capabilities of the administrator role for your students, or even create a custom role with the desired capabilities for them.

    In particular, note that all roles beyond contributor can publish their posts directly, so you’ll have to take care to remove this capability if you want your students to submit their work for review before going live.

    Please see User Role Editor:

    You can find detailed descriptions of WordPress’ built-in roles and capabilities here:

    Good luck!



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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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