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  • So first, here is my dilemma. On the page I am working on ( I am using WordPress and Woocommerce. The shop is structured around 4 categories:

    ekologiska kryddor, ekologiska kryddblandningar, kryddset & gåvor, tillbehör

    On the main menu I have added these categories as links. So when you press the category “kryddor” you will go the the url

    Now this works OK but I would prefer to have the main categories as standard wordpress pages and invoke the woocommerce loop on each of them to display the correct category products.

    The reason for this is that it is easier to weight the URLS in the sitemap and the links would also look better: instead of

    My approach is to add a template for each category and assign that to the page. But my problem is how to call the woocommerce loop in the template, I want it to look just like the standard product archive (just that it should be filtered like it would when using the url:

    Any ideas on how this could be done?

    Thank you!

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