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    AFter my client’s site was up, she decided to make 2 of the pages secure with SSL certificate which she bought from her host company. From their documentation, it would appear that they need a static html page to make those pages secure, or the other option is to make the whole site secure. To do this, I am thinking we need to copy the whole site into the www-ssl directory, and redirect the whole site via either php or htacess redirects from the http site to https.

    I am very unsure about this whole procedure, and am seeking any advice from someone who has done this before before I start making a mess of the site.

    Specifically, am I right in thinking copying the whole WordPress site to the secure directory and doing the redirect will work?

    Then we have 2 sets of wordpress files on the server, do we need to update both sets every time to keep it secure?

    When we go to make content changes on the pages do we log in to the https site – will this be an easy thing to access?

    Rather than making the whole site secure, can I copy the html of the current page that’s on-line from the source code, paste that into an html doc that’s in the www-ssl directory and redirect to that page? Would all the plugins work on that html page?

    So many questions – any help is greatly appreciated!

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  • I know with Apache you can configure VirtualHosts, so that it can be both https and http from the same files. I can elaborate on this process if you would like, but since you are using a hosting provider, I doubt that they will let you access the Apache conf. files. Check with the hosting provider about adding VirtualHosts to you httpd.conf file.. I think that is the best option for you, b/c it will give users the ability to use https or http accross the whole site. As for specific WordPress pages, check out this plugin.

    EDIT: I found this link very useful.

    Sorry but I don’t see your link, and a search of plugins for virtualhosts comes up empty 🙁

    It isn’t a plugin, it is part of the actual server configuration.

    I got it figured out. Thanks.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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