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  • Macfionn


    I am wanting to create a simple media folder loaded with default graphics so that individual site admins of my multisite can all have access to this media for each of their own sites without having to share their own personal uploads (as is the problem with this plugin:

    I’m not trying to circumvent WP security or force user uploads to this folder. I just want to manually add banners, stickers, etc so that all my site/blog admins have an ability to use my ready made graphics without them having to make and upload their own.

    Does anyone know a plugin or ‘tweak’ that can allow this?

    Thank you!

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  • Any thoughts? anyone?

    *Runs up a tree to hide from the stampede*

    I inherited a multisite install where two sites upload to a different location from the others. Crazy.

    What I have found so far:
    On a single install, you can set an upload path in wp_config, at least for 3.5.
    The install I have isn’t 3.5 and the multisite wp_config file doesn’t have the line mentioned in the article. So, I need to search further.

    Hi, MarjoriesDaughter, and thanks much for the reply. Its been 4 months and im no closer. 🙂

    See, an uploading path isnt the issue. Its when thea sub-site admins are writing a blog post, on their own site and they go to add media, they can upload their media, or browse their previously uploaded images (library). id like there to be third option available to them to browse images from a pool of images that i have uploaded myself and made available to all sub-site admins.

    That way the can have their own unique images PLUS graphics i made.

    That type of need seems to be fairly common and fairly frustrating!

    In my case, I found that the Media files for the main site are in the uploads folder while the Media files for the sub-sites are in blog.dir/site-number/files.

    Curious! Is that the way it’s working for your multisite install too?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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