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  • Hello!

    First of all, I am brand-new to using WordPress as a CMS, so I would truly appreciate any advice. I am redesigning the website for a local public library ( completely and using WordPress to do so.

    My main question is, how I should go about building my site without it being live? I’d like for the old site to stay up while I work on the new one, but does this mean I have to create a sandbox? Or is there a built-in functionality of WordPress that would allow me to edit a new site in its entirety then post it after it has been checked over by the librarians I am working with? (I am used to blogging with WordPress and being able to save things without posting them.) I’m sure this seems basic but I want to make sure I go about building my site in the easiest way possible, and I’m a little confused.
    Thank you!

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  • First of all, congrats on the gig, and cool that you are helping out a library.

    I always recommend building a sandbox prior to launch. Even if you simply have a reusable space to test out themes and additional functions, IMHO, a sandbox is the way to go. Lately, I have been using spare domains instead of local or sub-directory setups. Besides letting me test things out, it allows me a place to show clients how to use WP without impacting a live site and I can reset it anytime without concerns over the content.

    Over the years, I have done a lot of site transfers from other systems (including static sites) to a WordPress powered site. In fact, it’s how I came to WordPress.

    If you haven’t yet, check out Importing Content here in the codex and remember to make a complete backup before doing anything to a live site; code, media/files, etc..

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