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  • Hey

    I am helping the developer of the Duplicator with various testing etc.

    The plugin works great with single installs, but not yet with multisite.
    The developer is busy with the existing plugin and improving it and needs some help in figuring out how to go about making the plugin multisite compatible. Actually he needs help doing so.

    So if you are able to chip in and suggest ways to make it compatible that would be great. (Perhaps even test it out) The Duplicator is an awesome plugin and it would be very nice to also be able to backup/restore a multisite and/or subsites with it.

    Are there some general guidelines in making a single site plugin compatible with a multisite install?

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  • If you’re making direct SQL queries, make sure to use $wpdb->posts instead of 'wp_posts'.

    If you need to get a list of DB tables for a single blog, try using $wpdb->tables() instead of ‘SHOW TABLES’.

    Other than that, there is no magic bullet for making a plugin multi-site compatible, especially for a backup/migration plugin like Duplicator.

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