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  • B ased on the possibilities MT delivered I made a concept for German onlined special interest magazine named, that run now in its first 4 weeks.
    Due to all the trouble MT might bring in the future I was lucky to find an overwhelming alternative in WP. But, is WP already in a that shape, that I can quit MT for a new concept WP-based?
    If I’m asking something here that has already be answered elsewhere in this place or another, excuse me but let me know that url.
    Thanks Helmer

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  • Looking at the site I can not see any functionality that WP does not do. In a way the MT licensing imbroglio has obscured a greater truth. Word Press is a better programme. Plus as it takes 5 mins and no cost to install there is no reason why you shouldnt try a concept model yourself. The multi user levels might be ideal for you. I do not know the German for keep on truckin but there it is my friend and Welcome to the Word Press forum.

    Hi root and thanks for the nice an fast answer.
    I surely will “keep on trucking” – “so weiter machen und bei der Stange bleiben” in German – but I think I have a lot of work to do and a lot to learn. Anyway, once WP is in my blood as MT became in the last 6 weeks, I will do some good edu, social and journalist work with it.
    By the way, the coming week the manuscript of my fist book about weblogs, published in my own small publishing firm, will be ready. Did you know, that momentarily there are only three German books about weblogs on the market? This afternoon I made the decision to skip MT as a reference weblog and bring in as much as I can (understand) from WP.
    My problem is, according to the acronym CMS, I understand a lot of content, many about management and nothing (the hell) about those S’s behind: System, Server, Scripts. Anyway; nobody is perfect; perfection kills the rat, or what was the band’s name?.
    Read you, bye Helmer

    I don’t know German, so I could not make sense of the links in the menu, but as far as I see it, even a default wp install should suffice. Change the stylesheet, and tweak the layout at bit, and you will be done.

    Yup. You could even write your book on WP and still have time to see Germany in the Euro Championships.

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