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  • How do I set up a page so that when the user clicks on it, it takes them to the home page of the site? I realize that users can click on the logo most of the time depending on the theme but I’m wanting my site to be a bit more user friendly.


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  • Ewan:

    • Go into your wp-admin.
    • Create a page called “Home”
    • Point the URL in your Homepage to your Homepage
    • Go to Appearance >> Menus
    • Set up a custom Menu
    • Find Home and click “Add to Menu”
    • Add the rest of the pages you want in your menu
    • When you’re adding things to your menu, you can control if they’re menus, submenus, submenus of submenus, etc., by dragging and dropping the Page name around.
    • You may want to ensure “Automatically add new top-level pages” is checked. Or maybe you want it unchecked.
    • Save the menu; it should look the same as your original navigational bar, but in the order you want it — not in alphabetical order. So “Contact Us” can be the last link in the menu if that’s what you want.

    I’m not sure if this was the answer you were looking for, but that’s what I’d do … Good luck, and if this wasn’t the answer you wanted, keep asking!


    Thanks for replying!

    One question: What do you mean by pointing the URL, do I do that through FTP?

    Hi Ewan

    Try : Settings – Reading –

    Front page displays

    A static page (select below)

    Well, either method will work, Ewan. What is your URL (your website address)?

    If you don’t care what the link to your home page says, then just do what photoMaldives told you to do.

    If you want it to say “Home”, specifically, and your theme that you chose doesn’t have a link that says “home” there are 2 options that I know of:

    (1) Do what I said in my last post. What I meant when I said create a new menu pointing to the URL of your homepage … if your homepage is just …. if that’s okay with you. So whenever a user types in it 301 redirects to, and this is fine … and it’s fine for SEO purposes.

    (2) The other way is to just take whatever is currently the first menu item on your website and rename it to “home” and edit the permalink (URL) to “/home/”. And then, if you’d like it to be a static page with no blog posts, do what photoMaldives said.

    If you have any further questions, keep asking!


    Thanks! 🙂

    I should be able to get it working now.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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