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    Just trying out your plugin and having one or two problems.

    //redirect to login or homepage if user is logged out or not a member
    function my_template_redirect()
    	global $current_user;
    	$okay_pages = array(pmpro_getOption('billing_page_id'), pmpro_getOption('account_page_id'), pmpro_getOption('levels_page_id'), pmpro_getOption('checkout_page_id'), pmpro_getOption('confirmation_page_id'));
    	//if the user doesn't have a membership, send them home
    		&& !is_front_page()
    		&& !is_page($okay_pages)
    		&& !strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], "login"))
    		wp_redirect(home_url("wp-login.php?redirect_to=" . urlencode($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])));
    			&& !is_front_page()
    			&& !is_page($okay_pages)
    			&& !$current_user->membership_level->ID)
    		//change this to wp_redirect(pmpro_url("levels")); to redirect to the levels page.
    add_action('template_redirect', 'my_template_redirect');

    1. I have added the code above to my functions.php and it works very well, however, I am having trouble adding those few pages that I still want to be accessible to visitors.

    For instance, if a page is titled ‘Contact’ and has a slug of ‘contact’, how is this added. All of my attempts so far, have failed.

    2. I have a couple of users on the site who do not need to pay but I would like to add them to the new members list, whereas at the moment, they are only listed in the normal WP users section. Can I add them manually somehow?

    Thank you if anyone has the knowledge and can help.

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  • Whoops!

    It now seems that this code has blocked me out of my site. I am unable to access wp-login.php or wp-admin at all. It keeps redirecting me to the site front page instead.

    Does anyone know how to over-ride the above code at all?

    At this stage my only other option is to delete my existing database and re-install, but doing so will mean I lose quite a bit of work.

    Any help is hugely appreciated!

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    James, FTP to your site to remove this code or rename the PMPro folder to deactivate it.

    To add more pages to be excluded, add it to the $okay_pages array, e.g…

    $okay_pages = array(pmpro_getOption('billing_page_id'), pmpro_getOption('account_page_id'), pmpro_getOption('levels_page_id'), pmpro_getOption('checkout_page_id'), pmpro_getOption('confirmation_page_id'), "contact", "my-other-slug", "etc-etc");

    Hi James,

    Since we’ve not heard back from you, I’m going to close this thread. If you’d like to join our developers forum, please sign up at

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