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  1. divrom
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Over here, I've been struggling with handling a large number of articles in an archive, what to do with categories, etc.

    One solution I've just been thinking about is if I could provide a link on a page to an URL displaying the results of a search. E.g. A whole load of sermons on e.g. prayer and I do one intro post and then say "read the rest here" and the "read" is the results page of doing a search on "sermons: prayer."

    Seems like it would work to me, but I've no idea how I'd do it. Basically, I'd need the post to generate a dynamic URL for a search where part of the URL was the title of the post itself.

    I guess it would be done, but I wouldn't have the foggiest how. Any ideas, or am I just barking up a non-existent tree?

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