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  • have you already gone into wp-admin/css/login.css
    and put your own header image at the top …
    #backtoblog a {
    background: url(../../images/header.jpg) no-repeat top center;
    font-size: 36px; /* some bigger size !? */
    width: 1000px; /* whatever your */
    height: 170px; /* image size is */

    and removed the wp image …

    h1 a {
    /* background: url(../whatever-it-was); */

    I made index.html 🙂
    it works had to copy code from that other site, and insert it into the html took a lil bit, rusty @ coding, but I’d like when someone clicks on recover pass that it will be the same image and whatnot as the index.html know how I can do this?

    And, do you know how I can get the login box? mind doesn’t appear and Im trying to figure it out

    ALso, i can get into the dashboard but, when i want to go to the main site. it boots me back to the login screen? any ideas?





    lol a warez chick, funny. all this time I thought you were a guy.. your parents know what youre doing? might want to tell em so when the feds come…

    (just saying)

    about your login thing: youre doing it wrong. follow the directions you were already given

    warez chick?
    okay. thanks for the advice bud.
    just fixed I could write a html page so i didn’t have to go and create a folder and do a .css and all that jazz, and then edit the wp-login.php or whatever. so it can just go to the main page, but I don’t think I can actually do that, I think i had bigger Ideas than What I wanted to do
    maybe, I thought it would be possible, and maybe I cuold have ran it like a normal login site.

    you need to state exactly what it is you want to accomplish, not “how”, “what”.

    Sorry, pointing to those other web sites does not explain anything.

    sorry, but, you are doing dumb things, and asking for help with some error and not telling us what you did – because you don’t even realize the consequences of what you did.

    you say you created an index.html. Clearly you think writing an html page will replace a server-side program that builds a page dynamically depending on (prior) events. (like did they type in a valid password? are they already logged on, and now, want to log out? Did they forget their password?) … html “has no clue”!

    rusty @ coding“?!
    You are rusty at the html document markup language; you have not learned enough about how to use css. Experts at website design – xhtml and css – are designers, not programmers. Get a current book strictly on css and learn to do it right.
    You are NOT a programmer. php is a server-side programminng language. Get a book on php and MySQL and learn computer programming and about the SQL database language — and leave the php programs alone till you have learned.

    in all your rambling, you said “so it can just go to the main page,” ???

    so, just what is it that you want to accomplish?

    tell us, and maybe we can tell you exactly how to do it.
    I would be glad to.

    geez your kinda a harsh person aren’t you bud. what a tongue lashing. CHRIST

    well all i wanted is

    when someone went to
    the file that i made from scratch index.html where it would have a login screen you log in, and it will send you directly to the main part of the blog.

    okay, check it, download the html file i created
    when i open up my ftp and insert the index.html file into my root folder where wordpress is and the rest of the files, instead of me seeing the posts i’ve made since i got auto login or remember me, it comes up with my custom login screen which is great, but when i log in, it does work, but it will go to
    and when i click on

    You Are The Scene v2.0 Visit Site
    it will boot me back to the login screen it won’t show my posts? thats what I need help with I need it so that it won’t boot me, nor anyone else back to the login screen, and I can’t figure out how to get the white box to display around the login and password fields.

    I was going to copy the code from cause i guess someone used the slice method in photoshop and created custom pictures for the login box
    if you go to you can see the custom images.

    I was going to add this to the html that i wrote for my own login, and have someone come up with images

    <table width="100%" align="center" border=0>
    <tr><td valign="middle" align="center">
    <form method="post" action="?page=login">
    <table id="Table_01" width="432" height="261" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
    <tr><td width="432" height="125" colspan="6">
    <img src="php/login/images/Slice_1.png" width="432" height="125" alt=""></td>		<td width="0" height="125" nowrap></td>	</tr>	<tr>		<td width="162" height="136" rowspan="8">			<img src="php/login/images/Slice_2.png" width="162" height="136" alt=""></td>		<td width="145" height="20" colspan="4" ALIGN="RIGHT" style="background-color:#060b15;">			<input type="text" name="username" style="width:140;height:15;border:none;background-color:#0d1120;font-family:tahoma;font-size:10px;color:#3879C7;text-align:center;font-weight:bold;border:dashed 1px #050912;"></td>		<td width="125" height="136" rowspan="8">			<img src="php/login/images/Slice_4.png" width="125" height="136" alt=""></td>		<td width="0" height="20" nowrap></td>	</tr>	<tr>		<td width="145" height="7" colspan="4">			<img src="php/login/images/Slice_5.png" width="145" height="7" alt=""></td>		<td width="0" height="7" nowrap></td>	</tr>	<tr>		<td width="145" height="20" colspan="4" ALIGN="RIGHT" style="background-color:#060b15;">			<input type="password" name="password" style="width:140;height:15;border:none;background-color:#0d1120;font-family:tahoma;font-size:10px;color:#5C5AC5;text-align:center;font-weight:bold;border:dashed 1px #050912;"></td>		<td width="0" height="20" nowrap></td>	</tr>	<tr>		<td width="145" height="6" colspan="4">			<img src="php/login/images/Slice_7.png" width="145" height="6" alt=""></td>		<td width="0" height="6" nowrap></td>	</tr>	<tr>		<td width="17" height="83" rowspan="4">			<img src="php/login/images/Slice_8.png" width="17" height="83" alt=""></td>		<td width="44" height="27" rowspan="3" style="background: url(php/login/images/Slice_9.png)">			<input class="styled" type="checkbox" name="autologin"></td>		<td width="84" height="6" colspan="2">			<img src="php/login/images/Slice_10.png" width="84" height="6" alt=""></td>		<td width="0" height="6" nowrap></td>	</tr>	<tr>		<td width="10" height="77" rowspan="3">			<img src="php/login/images/Slice_11.png" width="10" height="77" alt=""></td>		<td width="74" height="14">			<INPUT TYPE="image" value="Login" name="login" SRC="php/login/images/Slice_12.png" HEIGHT="14" WIDTH="74" BORDER="0"></td>		<td width="0" height="14" nowrap></td>	</tr>	<tr>		<td width="74" height="63" rowspan="2">			<img src="php/login/images/Slice_13.png" width="74" height="63" alt=""></td>		<td width="0" height="7" nowrap></td>	</tr>	<tr>		<td width="44" height="56">			<img src="php/login/images/Slice_14.png" width="44" height="56" alt=""></td>		<td width="0" height="56" nowrap></td>	</tr></table></form></td> </tr></table>

    the wp blog is index.php the login page is wp-login.php
    you now have 2 login pages and no website. Right?

    I looked at the one of your 2 login pages

    the one at
    and, i saw:
    <input type=”hidden” name=”redirect_to” value=”” />
    which answers another of your questions

    My login page is index.html I can log in with the html i wrote, but It boots me to the dashboard, and when I try to click on the actual link to get out of my admin dashboard, it boots me back to the login screen

    yes, i do have two log ins if someone clicks on recover pass they will be directed to another log in page

    PS I was not hard on you, I just told the truth: You don’t, little girl. You talk like you know what you are doing but, you don’t. “your parents know what youre doing?”

    It does look like you finally followed directions and put your images in the wp-admin/css/login.css, good, and dropped your index.html which blocked the index.php which is your website (index.php?…etc aka ?…etc) your last comment shows that you still don’t understand that. now, put the original index.php back. and undo what ever else you changed. Then, ask again just what it is that you want to change in the way that wp works. There might even be a plug-in for it.

    I apologize. I have been very hard on you.

    You have removed the index.html, and used wp-admin/css/login.css to display your images. If you have not changed code in index.php or, undone your changes, your site should come up (and removed any other changes to (1 or 2?) other files/programs? – if you are not sure, unzip wordpress again and copy up the 1 or 2 originals files to be sure).
    If you want to keep everyone out of the admin area (except you), I think there is a plugin for that. If you want to require that everyone login before they can even see the site, I think a line of code can be written (if not logged in, display the login page) if there is no plugin for it (I have not seen one yet…).

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