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  • Hi, I am trying to set up my wordpress site so that a certain blog post will always be the first one people see when they visit the page…

    Instead of the current situation, where it is just whatever the most recent post was. I would like to keep that, but have one certain post be the first one at all times, and then hopefully in descending order of recent publication.

    Can this also be done with a page if I choose, as opposed to a post?

    As well, in the topics here I came across one that said something about a “stick this post to the front page” option – but I couldn’t find that anywhere in my control panel.

    Thank you!

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  • admin – posts – add new or edit – right side – visibility – edit

    Hi, I’m sure I’m just misreading the instructions, but when I click on ADMIN (top right corner of the control page) I don’t see a POSTS option anywhere…

    Starting in the top left I have Write, Manage, Design, etc…

    Then going down the page, Personal Options, Admin Color Scheme, Username, etc…

    If, on the other hand, I click on POSTS right away from the main control page, I also don’t see an ADD NEW OR EDIT tab anywhere so far… Just a list of the 15 most recent posts or whatever…

    ok, click on add new
    when you get to post editor screen – look on right sidebar
    you will see “Visibility” -> “edit”
    click on “edit” and the sticky will be revealed

    Uh oh, well, nobody said I had to be intelligent to get my own wordpress account…

    Is the ADD NEW supposed to be on either the page you see right when you login to or at the next DASHBOARD page which I described in the post above?

    If so, I don’t see anything even resembling ADD NEW other than WRITE, and if I click that to begin a new post, I don’t see any of the visibility stuff… :S

    when you log in you end up at your dashboard
    in the left sidebar you should see “Posts”
    click on “edit”
    you will be taken to a list of your posts
    click on the post you want to stick to the top on front page
    you will be taken to the post editor
    look in the right sidebar
    you will see “Visibility” -> “edit”
    click on edit
    check the box for sticky
    save post
    post will stay on top until you uncheck that box or you delete the post

    (this is all predicated on doofalot running the current version of WordPress of course!)

    @doofalot: You need to upgrade to WP 2.7.1 to be able to use the ‘sticky post’ option.

    There are some plugins available for the older versions of WP to do sticky posts as well.

    And, for that matter, the OP’s original thought of using a Page would work as well and doesn’t need a plugin. Just a setting at Options -> General. Or Options -> Reading? I’m out of practice with the older version already!

    bah…stupid older versions
    sorry doofalot I made the dumb assumption you were on the latest version

    Thanks for the help.

    I have a new problem, though, ever since I updated to the new version of WordPress, my website crashes when I visit it as a user. Not when I’m in the wp-admin panel but just if I browse it…

    This is way worse!

    Can you post a link for others to check it out? Perhaps it’s something at your end? Have you done the usual cache clearout?

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