• I am trying hard to use WP to make a modern version of a bulletin board system, like Wildcat! or PCBoard. I have WP installed, and am trying to figure IT out, as well as FORUMS by Zingiri. I am also exploring a membership module from S2, Membership and Paid Membership Pro.

    My biggest problem is that I am NOT a CSS/HTML programmer, so I am having a fit making the pages work. For example, I want a static opening page that will take people to signing up for a free membership first, giving limited access, then on to the BBS section.

    Anyone have any ideas? Or direction to go in? Just the WP basics are proving to be a challenge, because the documentation just does not match up with what is going on in the program. I feel totally lost, and I ran a 10 line BBS back in the 90’s !!!!

    Thanks in advance for any help, suggestions or direction!

    (Sorry this repeats a previous post, but some moderator decided to close my post instead of suggesting that I modify it. I came here seeking help, but the mods are making me think twice about WordPress! I hope others will prove me wrong! 🙂 )

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    There’s a bbs plugin for WP called bbPress – http://bbpress.org/

    You can do this with WordPress pretty easily. Making a member’s only site is as complicated as you want it to be. Since you say you want free membership, I’d probably be really lazy and grab http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/underconstruction/

    That plugin will block the whole site if you’re not logged in. Then make the Under Construction Page have a signup/login form, and off you go 🙂

    Your post was closed because it outright asked to hire people, which we do close. 🙂 It’s in the guidelines and everything, which as a fellow board runner, I know you read 😉

    Thanks for the info. I really didn’t like the “look” of bbpress, so I passed on that one. The Zingiri one seems to be an interface into myBBS, and it seems to have everything I want – but damn complicated. sigh! I wish WILDCAT! was available as a WP plug-in!

    As for the previous message, the mod could have simply removed the “offending” section and cracked a ruler over my knuckles (private school) and left the balance. But taking the ENTIRE message down showed me that they were more interested in being heavy handed instead of offering help and suggestions.

    That being said, THANK YOU for your comments and suggestions! Will look at bbPress again.


    Chris Olbekson


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    Your post reminds of being in Junior High logging on to BBS systems in the middle of night and getting knocked off line when my older brothers would pick up the phone to call their girlfriends.

    To get that old school terminal feel take a look at the Terminally theme. There is also a bbpress support forum where you might be able to get more specific help.

    This thread from WPTavern might also give you some inspiration and ideas.

    @chris Boy, THAT brought back some memories! Well, I am not looking to make it look like the old 80 col screens (haha) but operationally like that. Forums, chatting, profiles and the like.

    I have been looking hard at myBBS with the Zingiri interface, seems to be what I want, if I can figure out the screen layouts. I am NOT a coder, darnit!

    Forums, chatting, profiles…sounds like you should take a look at BuddyPress.

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    I’m going to put this out there for consideration.

    Using multiple, separate, products for this means you will have to become a coder who knows how to merge user DBs.

    Using one product with add-ons (plugins) means you stick to one platform. One theme. One layout.

    Easier is always subjective 🙂

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