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  • I want to allow anonymous users to view drafts if they know the URL. This does not seem to work at I have a draft I want someone to review and I’d like to be able to send them the link i get when I hit “preview” and for them to see the article. I do not want this article to be found by searching or browsing.

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  • A “draft” is in effect, unpublished. The URL to the preview is available if you are logged in as the author/admin only. I don’t believe there is any way around that. It is a “draft” in the database. Not available for anonymous public access… because it isn’t published. Perhaps published, but password protected “Private” posts is what you are after? If the native “Private” post function is insufficient, there are some plugin solutions that might fit the need… But not anonymously. It seems that would sort of defeat the purpose of keeping them private.

    I accidentally sent out a link that has the preview stuff in the URL (?preview=true&preview_id=20259&preview_nonce=e63bd0f609)…now people can’t click through to the page without getting a “can’t view drafts” error. Any ideas how to make a workaround for this specific post?

    Password protect the Posts you send out for review (publish with password), send the password with the link. The Post will still be visible but only the title and password sign-in will show.

    No suggestion for your draft other than publish it with a password and send a new email.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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