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  • i don’t understand this plugin at all. Why would this plug-in do anything other than go to the post in the appropriate category fromthe widget, and/or paginate with other events, only? to say just put {event_id; id=x} in the event is also counter-intuitive as that is most likely what it should do in the first place, and you would put {xyz; code=whatever} in to make it do something other than display the event. i really have no idea what is expected of me here, as the reason for a plug-in is to not have to edit php code.

    furthermore there should be a setting to use various permalink structures on demand. it is also supposed to work with posts, but entering information in post requires redundant editing of calendar entry.

    are there any plans to make this into a full-fledged plugin with appropriate plugin settings or to be most compatible with version WP 3.4.2 or 3.5 in the works?

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  • Plugin Author faebu


    just read the documentation. this is a complex but also flexible plugin. you do not need any php skill. use:

    – widgets
    – single event shortcodes
    – multi event shortcodes

    to display a list of event, a single event or even a graphical calendar. since this plugin has many options, you could no expect to work without any work by yourselfes.

    i do not mind work,i work within wordpress all the time, it is the lack of clarity in the instructions i don’t have time for. a plugin is supposed to simplify my tasks this cannot happen if i need to guess what you mean,experiment, test, fail, retest, until finally eureka that is what he meant. in fact, a plugin is supposed to provide me with an interface to avoid meddling with your code and that within wordpress.

    i won’t argue the semantics here, i just don’t have time to guess what you mean, and why expected results (as per description of plugin) are not occurring correctly, adequately or with any ease of properly designed user interface. as a plugin is for the end user. there is no place to enter event code in the user interface portion. there is no need for second event handler (link) if plugin works in post as advertised. etc. that was the soul reason for selecting this plugin and it does not do that properly regardless of its internal complexity.

    As a none programmer and website Learner i spent weeks looking and trying all the calendars this is the best 1 i found and it did take me reading and trying but once you get it going its easy to use and you can use wp categories and css to match the rest of your theme as i said i am not a programmer but this bluggin has taught me a lot i have (with the help of forum members and others examples ) got his running on a number of sites the main 1 is where certian pages are generated from the information in the calendar in different categories
    if you dont understand the pluggin ask and someone is always willing to help
    But remember this pluggin is free unless you wish to donate but dont supose a lot of people do
    Try all the others each works the way the developer thinks it should be but might not fit your needs
    then come back and learn how to use this 1

    I am trying to use this plugin but am having issues with the “full calendar” part. I am using the widget calendars, but also want a page that displays full month and events. Can anyone offer some guidance on this?

    As well, when you click on upcoming event title in widget area, should this not take you to a page the outlines the full details? More suggestions please 🙂

    Thank you!

    I have installed this plugin on my WP blog and a graphical calendar doesnt work at all! I have the last version of WP blog (3.5).

    Please, can you help me to resolve this issue?

    wp calendar has conflict with wordpress 3.5

    the events page need code on it to display the info
    the code in the template can be used just order the different parts into the way you want it on the page you can also use <h1> etc
    {event_subject}{event_subject} {event_location}
    the Event is on {event_startdate}
    and starts at {event_starttime} – ends at {event_endtime} @
    you can build up a good template using the short codes

    to display the calendar on a page use {events_calendar}
    {events_calendar; categories=”3,5″; height=600; header->left=”prev”; header->center=”today, title”; header->right=”next”; weekends=false}
    this is straight from the docs in the settings

    update to 1.5.1 as 1.5 is incompatable with wordpress 3.5

    Plugin Author faebu


    Thank you dsg257 for your reply. As you described, displaying a graphical calendar is as easy as placing the short code {events_calendar} in any post or page.

    Im mark this topic as resolved:

    @antaeros: If you have any further question, your posts are always welcome, but make sure you describe your needs precisely.

    Nice of you to put the spot back to me, i was content to observe other peoples issues through this post, but since you desire to call me in, i will repeat the specific issues.

    “i don’t understand this plugin well at all. Why would this plug-in do anything other than go to the post in the appropriate category from the sidebar widget link… To say “just put {event_id; id=x} in the event is also counter-intuitive as that is most likely what the plugin should do in the first place…” i have no interest in looking into what you meant to say, or for me to do here, you just lost me.

    in other words: what i wish to happen is: when clicking on the event in the sidebar link it should go directly to the page for the event referenced in the sidebar link *by default*, and not go to a general list of all events. Technically, i believe this should happen with me doing nothing to anything. Nevertheless, how is the above done efficiently?

    NOTE: i am not looking for, nor do i have any interest in a graphical calendar, i am looking to display a title/notification of events on the side of my wordpress, that when the link is clicked it shows a page with event details, that is all. Not too hard really, not badly explained the first time.

    Also the events do not show up in the wordpress or theme small sidebar calendar properly (at all).

    Also, there is an additional administrative page that seems superfluous, (extra, redundant). If events category is reserved for events then an event *is an event*. Where does the requirement (extra admin page) for confirmation on my part come in? It does seem redundant to re-qualify an event as an event through a secondary page since i already categorized it as, that’s right: an Event. Therefore: an event is *already an event already*, why the extra steps?

    I cannot guess why this plugin does more than the above mentioned first without addressing the above first.

    Just because someone programs a plugin does not make them beyond the intuition of their users. In fact, if that is the case, something may be reconsidered about how the plugin approaches the administrative UX. i was far too annoyed with this plugin and its documentation to continue its use, so i guess you told me just fine what is expected of me, and i concede.

    I will just make pages, with event details, and link them from a sidebar widget to achieve better intended results with fewer steps and no documentation or coding/recoding of anything. Thank you for complete understanding, and full consideration.. Surely it is resolved with the attention it has recently and increasingly receiving.


    You have not taken the time to test out the calendar
    if you wish to see the events in the sidebar look at my site it shows upcomming events and when you click on 1 it takes you to the event page where it give the details of the event depending on what shortcodes you use and in what order
    The calendar also links to the events which do not exist on a page only the short code exist the date is pulled to the output on the for each event you click on if you categorise the events like i have you can output them to a page with all events in that category

    Before settling on this calendar plugin i tryed many others and found them to be too dificult and too many options to input lots of data and get the desired output
    I am not a programmer and still learning code but this calendar is the easiest to understand and get to grips with but as in everything it requires some testing to see the desired output

    The Plugin Author has in my opinion done a fantastic job (FOR DONATION ONLY)

    Ok well, that is a bit closer to what i would hope for.. It addresses some, but not all issues, however, all things being relative, it’s a start.

    “..not taken the time to test out the calendar”

    In actuality, i put far more time into this plugin than pretty much any other plugin that produced initially unsatisfactory results, and finally was not satisfied with the cost benefit i.e. time to result ratio overall. And to correct some apparent ongoing misconception on how software (in this case a plugin) is supposed to work for people, the testing (and documentation) is to be done by the developer, not the users or community at large. We are users/administrators not beta testers. (Our time is valuable too).

    It does appear you have cajoled the plugin appropriately to obtain the simplest and least demanding result which i feel should have been effortless to obtain, and directly (initially) forthcoming.

    “..depending on what shortcodes you use and in what order..”

    ..And the exact official documentation on how to directly accomplish this result is.. Where? The plugin author’s note to me on how to achieve this result is.. Where? Not even you have directly indicated how to *simply* achieve this nominally straightforward result. But i do grant you kudos for having gotten the initially expected output, after how much effort?

    However, The effect you have managed to create is not a far cry of difference from creating a custom sidebar widget that links to predesignated pages with details. It certainly saves no steps, from that as an alternative, and has no apparent benefit other than what we will call an “overview” list of all events which can be done with any category display shortcode for a category named “events”.

    Further issues not addressed:
    1) Upcoming events displayed in graphical sidebar calendar supplied WP or in theme, in my case; Easel do not appear, even on your site.
    2) Secondary “confirmation” of event administrative page is extra work and serves no real apparent purpose.
    3) The claim that events can be directly administrated from post, that would forgo the former (#2) above mentioned secondary “confirmation of event being an event” page, is a false or misleading claim at best.
    4) It is not intuitive, has an administrative UX leaving much to be desired, and is poorly documented (thus your need for “testing” in the first place, otherwise it would be known directly as “effective deployment” since the “how to” was already a given, not a variable).

    The only real benefit i have seen, as i had achieved part 1 and 3 of what you did, is the expiration of events, which for all the time and effort, might as well be manually accomplished anyway.

    I am seriously glad you got what you were looking for, but on an intuitive, easy to use, and does what it says scale it weighs weakly compared to most other preferred plugins obtained for any other purpose. After all, a computer is inherently a calendar/time machine, more than mos any other purpose. I do not understand why this plugin or any other calendar would be so frustrating or initially difficult to implement.

    “..i tryed many others and found them to be too dificult and too many options to input lots of data and get the desired output..”

    Likewise, i agree with you. The whole state of internet software development saddens me deeply- that this is as far as we have have gotten over a decade into the 21st century, and the best we can hope for to date. It seems like we are shying away from progress eternally in favor of reprimanding users and their requests for improvements that would make more sense out-of-the-box; such as: obvious clarity, intuitive design, pleasant UX from end to end, documentation and streamlined deployment as well as simplifying administration overall.

    I am sorry, to be fair: in my opinion the plugin author has done a fine job starting on something that could one day be a fantastic plugin..


    Hello faebu!

    А graphical calendar doesn’t display at all. I have placed the short code {events_calendar} in a page and it shows me only the arrows of calendar without any additional information of any events…

    I have upgraded the plugin up to 1.5.2 version

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