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  • I’ve been switching from a custom Docker Compose environment to @wordpress/env (aka wp-env) which I still fail to figure out how to quickly tail the PHP debug logs. Is it even possible? They say it is, yet I only ever see the HTTP logs from the web server…

    I’ve added this plugin to my .wp-env.json file so that I always have it available in my test environment now. I’m amazed the infamous Debug Bar plugin doesn’t seem to have a way to see the tail of the PHP debug log file..?

    My favorite part about this plugin is that repetitive log lines are grouped together in the display, with a note of the number of occurrences. Makes reading the logs much easier at quick glance!

    The downside of this plugin is just by the nature that it’s a plugin—if you’re trying to debug PHP Fatal errors that happen early in execution, they won’t be accessible since they would prevent this plugin from running. However, I didn’t have a problem with this because I’d let the PHP Fatal happen and then just undo whatever I did to cause the fatal error. After that, I’d just go back to review the error in this plugin’s page. Easy!

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  • Plugin Author Bowo


    Thanks for the really nice review Michelle! Glad to know it’s been useful for wp-env.

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