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  • Since a couple of weeks I was struggling with an extremely slow and almost non reactive admin panel. I thought that after some updates the problem would solve by itself but it didn’t.

    Today I started to deactivate all the plugins and when deactivating GZIP my admin panel started to respond fast again.

    I will keep deactivated the plugin until next update.

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  • Plugin Contributor ericmulder


    I noticed the same last week. Will look at it tomorrow!

    Plugin Contributor ericmulder


    Fixed in version 1.1.4! Turned out to be a time-out with our API call.

    Thank you, activated the plugin again and seems to be ok now.

    Well done!

    I have been chasing the same problem. Today I also deactivated all plugins and reactivated one by one. I checked the load time moving between admin pages after each activation. With very few plugins activated load time was 2 seconds. When i enabled the GZIP load time jumped to 10 seconds. I deactived GZIP and loaded all other plugins which realized a maximum load time of 3-4 seconds for all. Loaded GZIP again and back up to 10 seconds. I am on current version 1.1.7 where this thread indicates the problem was fixed after 1.1.4? Can you please help?

    Plugin Contributor ericmulder


    Hi outlaw,

    That’s strange! It should’ve been fixed in v 1.1.4, we check the gzipcompression via, is that site also slow for you? If so, I might try to build an update to lower the time-out.


    So sorry Eric for my late reply. Yes the issue is still manifesting as slow admin.
    Have disabled the plugin, admin speeds up. Deactivated plugin, admin speed improves.
    Deleted and reinstalled plugin, activated plugin, admin slows down.
    When active GZIP shows good compression on the GZIP checking site and also improved load speed on speedtest sites.
    I could deactivate each time i use admin but seems an unnecessary burden.
    Alternately go with one less plugin and add the code to .htaccess?
    If you are successful building an update I would certainly be interested.

    Thanks Eric

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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