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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I should have realised it was Brighton Pier in the picture….
    Nice design !

    Well. Whats left of it 😉

    That’s Brighton?! I was wondering where you find this quality of light, not to mention the, er, idiosyncratic architecture. I might just pop over on the Eurostar…
    BTW, I think it’s great you took the time to put together a simple-yet-pretty standard layout. Now just include it into the release. As a recent WP instalee, I was able to find my way through it, with a little help from your lot. But I’ve got some friends who are considering switching to MT (from Blogger), and those would be put off by learning css first. Convinced non-techies can’t overcome the conviction that “they just can’t do it”, even if they are wrong, fast enough to stay with WP

    OT: Well the architecture has become a lot more idiosyncratic since that photo. One storm and two arson attacks have left a hulk. It is also a Grade 1 listed building and under our laws can not be removed, and it used to be right outside my house.
    I did not realise you had employed my positioning template. You have done a lot with it. I will put you down as a known user.
    The CSS is a big one. It is the very thing we love most, and the developers (IMHO) are unlikely to change I can tell you. The longer you stay with it the more it will grow on you.Buy your friends an Eric Meyer book, and get them on board asap. Welcome to WP. A votre service madame.

    OT: Ouch. Au votre, Monsieur. And thanks for the compliments.
    I have “employed” your positioning template in the sense that I had my browser display the css (Firefox’s web developer extensions are a breeze) and compared it to mine to find out what I what these famous “css positioning issues” might be. Otherwise my stylesheet is still an incrementally changed version of the original one that came with WP 1.2. And it’s going to continue its incremental change, at a slower pace.
    What I particularly like about yours is that it is very readable, starting with the basic structuring blocks. IMO, css-near-illiterate beginners will, once their blog is up, first want to change colours, fonts or the formating of the menu column. It’s easy to get bogged down in those details and totally lose sight of / find out about the overall structure. This danger is greater in the “standard” default template than in yours.

    Well I want to make it clear I am not comparing my template with anybodys. Certainly not with the WP default which is a very good piece of design by Dave Shea and Matt for the purpose for which it is intended. But thanks for the thanks madamoiselle

    That was me.

    It’s nice that you are so modest Root, but I still think that it would be a good thing for the cause of WP to replace the current default css with yours. No offence to Dave Shea or anyone else, just my opinion.
    On second thoughts, using Moose’s annotated CSS would be good too – saves a noob trying to figure out what #menu ul li ul controls, for instance. It could include a comment saying something like: “a version of this stylesheet without all the comments is also included in this distro, and the filename is….”

    Well we need to proceed with some care. A heavily annotated CSS might help folks – I am sure it would. But it would increase the bandwidth and is not really *how it should be done*. We can all adapt if we want. No need to go that extra step; and say that somebody else should have done something else. They did their thing – beautifully – IMHO. I do mine.

    That was me. Darn.

    I like that site, what makes it is the tag line: “No class, little style and a lotta division.” It means one thing to coders and another thing to everyone else!

    Well thanks.

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