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  • Hi there! Firstly thank you for the program! Secondly, I am very frustrated that the add/edit hyperlink when posting only works in IE, why is this? Is this a problem on my side or not? I have tested it in IE, I select the word, add the hyperlink, no problems. In firefox however, I cannot select anything in the pop-up box, I cant even type into it..
    Have you just not made it compatible or do I have to do something to my browser?
    Id appreciate if you could let me know, otherwise I will have to use something else and I would like to continue to use wordpress..
    Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on the subject!

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  • IE certainly is not loved very much around here, so it certainly is not a WordPress issue. I use Firefox and I’ve had no problems with anything in WP because of it. What version of WP are you using and what version of FF?

    I would have thought that alright! 🙂 Eeek, I dont know my versions are.. I guess the latest one cos I only downloaded it recently.. and I’ve updated Firefox so I think that should be ok.. heres the page if that helps..

    Ok, My Firefox version: Firefox
    And WordPress version: WordPress 2.0.1

    Ouch, that site is a dog and I’m on DSL. It’s amazing what can call themselves a web designer and actually get away it.

    Theres no need for that..

    And please dont presume to know anything about me, Im a student and working very hard to build up my skills, I know I have a lot to learn…
    Considering Im a beginner, I have learned a lot in a short space of time..
    Just because you have a shit life, please dont take it out on me.

    There is also no need to start a second thread on the same problem.

    Since the dialogue opens and it works in IE, this is a problem with your Firefox, nothing to do with WP. Maybe it’s an extension or something in Firefox, but certainly nothing that I could see being caused by WP. You might want to tinker with your extensions or pop-up blocker. I really don’t know what other advice I can give you.

    I’d really hate to see you get stuck using IE, but there is really nothing we can do on the WordPress support forum for what has to be a browser issue.

    Good luck,

    Hi Michael.. yeah, I downloaded a firefox editor for blogging, and had the exact same issue as that so its definately my browser.
    I posted twice because I initially thought the program might have a bug and posted in the incorrect forum. If anyone wants to delete it go right ahead..
    Its a troubleshooting issue.. Its my browser, obviously no-one has come across it before so..
    I’ll try what you suggested..
    Thank you so much..

    LOL m8, get over yourself. I thought I’d try and help you; I got as far as your 550K image on the front page that was resized using HTML and gave up. Just calling a spade a spade.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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