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    I’m just getting started with OWP. On my new OWP blog, most of my blog entries will be embedded YouTube videos with my text commentary added underneath. I want the Blog Entry Elements to stack in this order, top to bottom:


    The first problem is getting the video to show on the Blog Home Page without setting Excerpt Length to “Add 500 to display full content.” I want a small text excerpt to show under the video, maybe 50 characters. If I set the Excerpt Length to anything under 500, the video does not display. Instead, the YouTube URL displays.

    The second problem is getting the Blog Entry Title to show immediately after the Video, but before the Excerpt. I tried shifting the Blog Elements around using Customize>Blog>Entries>Elements Positioning, putting Content at the top, followed by Title, but that results in the Title placed under the text excerpt instead of above it.

    1. How do I get the video to show on the Blog Entries page without setting Excerpt Length to 500?
    2. How do I get the video, Title, and Excerpt to stack as shown above?

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hello,

    I tested it on my end and it is working fine for me. Try to add the youtube URL in the embed field. See the attached screenshot –
    Edit the post > OceanWP settings metabox > Post Tab – embed field.

    Try to check the below settings also –
    1. Update PHP version if it is not PHP 7
    2. Disable/enable plugin one by one to see for possible conflict

    Thanks for the reply, Amit.

    I don’t have an admin page that looks like your screenshot.

    Disabled all plugins, no help. Videos display on single-post pages, but not on blog homepage. PHP version is 7.1.

    PS. Videos display just fine on my main site’s blog page, using Twenty Ten:

    have you installed Ocean Extra plugin and added the youtube link as I mentioned in my last reply?

    Ocean extra is installed. YouTube link is embedded.

    You say it works on your end. Can you please give me a link to see that, to verify we are talking about the same thing?

    Okay, see the link here –

    Thank you, Amit. Yes, that is what I want: A video at the top of each blog entry, then the title, then a text excerpt below. I don’t know why it doesn’t work on my site:

    I wonder if it has to do with my URL having http instead of https?…

    And how did you position Title below the video but above the text?

    I used Customize > Blog > BlogEntries > ElementsPositioning to place Content on top, which puts the video on top, but placing Title below Content puts the Title below the text, since text is part of Content.

    My latest attempt to debug:

    1. Installed WP into an empty new domain, The default theme is Twenty Nineteen.

    2. Added three new videos posts. All three videos show correctly on the blog using Twenty Nineteen theme:

    3. Installed and activated OceanWP, making no other changes to the site, and reloaded the site. Result: Videos no longer display on the blog. Where the videos should be, there is simply the URL in text.

    What can be the problem?


    1. Did you select the Video format instead of the standard?
    2. Did you add the youtube link in the oEmbed field as I mentioned earlier in the screenshot?

    Currently, you are using Standard formate, therefore it is not working. Try to use a video format.

    “Did you select the Video format instead of the standard?”

    The three video posts were created in the Twenty Nineteen theme, which does not have an option for Video Format.

    So I created an additional post in OceanWP, using “video format” and oEmbed.

    Results: IT WORKED! Thank you very much, Amit.

    However, the previous video posts, created in Twenty Nineteen, must be changed to video format and oEmbed one by one, it seems. My main blog on has a hundred video posts going back to 2006. It would be a big job to manually update all those old posts to video format and oEmbed, one at a time.

    You’re welcome! Indeed, it will take a lot of time.

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