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    I’ve been testing wordpress for the past week. I have it up and running and today I tried moving my wordpress install to a different domain but then I noticed that all the links on the page refereed to the old domain. I found a solution that let’s me switch domains here:

    However I was hoping that wordpress supported relative urls. Basically the reason I want this ability is that I want to have two installs of wordpress using the same database. So one install would be the production website and the other install would be the development website and they would both share the same database. I would need relative urls to make this work.

    Does wordpress support relative urls?

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  • Interesting discussion here . Shines a light on a lot of related questions.

    Why would u want to use ur production database on ur development blog?

    If u do so, anything u do on ur development blog will be applied to ur production blog…

    Why don’t u just backup ur production database and restore it on ur development one? That’s more secure

    Thanks ClaytonJames. I found the answer I was looking for in that other discussion.

    shidouhikari our company has been doing this since forever. I’m just following the practice that was set forth a long time ago. Honestly we haven’t had any problems with this approach.

    You’re welcome.

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