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  • A blog is cool these days but wordpress is a little pressed i would call it.
    In mine opinion a blog is more than only newsposts.
    So here you got my suggestions:

    – an articles system with catagory’s
    – a link system also with cat’s
    – bbpress build in of minibb build in

    so what do you folks think of a blog and futures that are really needed?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    A blog with a forum built in ? No thanks – wouldn’t even download it.

    Why, because you have an other forum autside wp?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    No – I just don’t want a forum ­čÖé

    and the other two things? what do you think of those

    IMHO, the comments system is better than a forum and serves pretty much the same purpose. And if you want your blog “hooked” to a forum you can always add a link to one as a static link.

    The links system has categories.




    WordPress has a very focused goal for personal publishing. WordPress is not a forum, nor a subscription manager, nor a documentation repository. Sure, it can be made to function like each of those, through creative use of templates and plugins; but none of those are the domain to which WordPress focuses.

    Other tools might better satisfy your needs, if you truly want to pursue those options.
    and many others…

    than, i’ll see or i can find something

    Some WordPress folks have already linked up with minibb or bbpress, and even a few have gotten through with phpbb.

    As for ‘articles’ with ‘categories’, what do you think blog posts with categories ARE? Now, that said, I created my own orthoganal ‘post type’ field for posts, in order to differentiate the type of post (news, review, link, file, etc.) from the category (theater, desktop, mobile, website, etc.). This could be done via a meta/custom field pretty easily.


    PJ Brunet


    The “Pages” option makes WordPress simply the best CMS on the internet, IMHO. WordPress already has link categories as far as I can tell–in fact I used them by accident last week.

    A forum would bloat the code exponentially–mostly because forums are always targets for abuse and because users expect the features that are already provided by vbulletin (probably popular because of it’s relative grace under pressure). Add too many features to WordPress and you lose the simplicity, elegance, and ease of use that have made it so popular.

    Ahhh, the legacy of the Ãœbertool.

    So far there is no blog – forum – gallery – chat – linkdump – download – cms – ├â┼ôberthingy.

    What I really WANT are standards for interfaces between web applications, like a common user and rights management or content exchange. The engines should stay apart.

    If you wanna see experience a bad Ãœberwebapplication with a bad history in security and bugs try:


    So here you got my suggestions:

    – an articles system with catagory’s
    – a link system also with cat’s
    – bbpress build in of minibb build in

    do you read or look around? Do you know or have used WordPress?? I think that answers to both these questions would be big NOs. *rolleyes*

    – You can post in as many categories as you want, so what else do you need in “an articles system with catagory’s”??

    – you can have as many links with as many categories as you want, so what else do you need in “a link system also with cat’s”??

    – WordPress is a blog, a CMS, not a discussion forum, wiki, or portal!! If you are looking for a blog & forum in one solution, then you might consider looking at solutions that are for that purpose, like Drupal, PHPNuke, PostNuke, etc.

    Forums are messy. I prefer blog comments. ­čÖé

    Plus, WordPress has many features as it is, features that other services/applications like Blogger, etc. don’t have. That’s why I’m in the process of switching! <3

    I have no problems with Forums or Photoalbums, you can just make it an option (you don’t want it turn it off/don’t install it).

    Its the old argument about features or focus.

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