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  1. valiero
    Posted 7 years ago #

    i've noticed that for instance, blogspot blogs are automatically cooliris enabled, so i'm wondering if it'd be possible to make wordpress automatically enabled too? If so then i'd like to suggest it.

    when trying to enable my blog from the cooliris website, it only works with the main page and does not fetch the archived pictures.
    The other way implies writting specific rss feeds and if i understood well, you'd have to write one per page (i mean, main page displaying blog posts and then pages displaying older and older posts) and then link them together. Which is annoying if you number of pages keeps increasing as you post entries.

    so would anyone know a way to make a wordpress blog cooliris enabled as a whole and not the main page only?

  2. http://www.cooliris.com/download-all.php

    Am I missing something, or don't they have a plugin for just that purpose?

    Anyway, I can't even see what the benefit is, since they don't have a version compatible with my operating system. Call me when they stop being Windows and Mac -centric.

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