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  1. JSin
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I've got this current home page set up here as so:

    Now, if you go to the Final Fantasy 25 category, it looks like this:

    What I'd like to be able to do is, on that category link above, replace the text that says "Archive for the ‘Final Fantasy 25’ Category" with the neat slideshow that appears on the homepage.

    Does anyone know how to do this? For reference, here are the involved files:

    Line 5 is what calls in the slideshow

    This is the slideshow code itself

    Line 10 is what would be replaced. I tried replacing it with Line 5 of index.php (removing the "if home" part) and even the entirety of featured.php, but it doesn't function. Instead it just shows several stacked images (the featured images) and their respective excerpt text, one after the other.

    I can also make a sub-account if anyone wants to tinker more directly. Thank you!

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