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  • grosbouff


    Hello !
    Is there a way to make some “internals” links to posts/pages when writing new content ?
    I mean, If I put an absolute URL and that I move my blog, all of them will be broken.
    I’ve tryed the plugin “autolink” but it made errors on my blog.
    With this, you can do "<a href="70">" to link the #70 post… It’s very useful.

    Is there something like this in WordPress core ?

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  • brockangelo


    FWIW: I have always used the full url when linking directly. I recently moved my blog to a new domain name and found that running a search and replace on the database did the trick just fine.

    As outlined here:



    why not use relative links then?

    instead of linking to … paste in only: /2007/10/13/my-post/



    The downside with relative links, as I recall, is that they don’t work in the feed/RSS readers.

    However, I dimly recall a plugin that fixes relative links for the feed(s).



    a good reader should do that for you, but I certainly acknowledge that a lot don’t.

    There’s a ticket for this which has been bumped from 2.2 to 2.4 (which probably means it’ll be bumped to 2.6 lol)… but yeah, I’ve seen a couple of plugins that cater for broken readers too.

    It’s a tough call… you spend all this time working on your wordpress site, just so that people will ignore all the nice stuff and read your site via RSS 😉



    Has anyone used the RB Internal Link plugin? Would this help to set the internal links?

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