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    Child themes seem great, especially if one only desires to modify colors, placement etc a bit…essentially if one wishes to modify the stylesheet…

    However, I was disappointed to see that 2010 doesn’t even support moving the sidebar to left from right…while this can be easily fixed by editing a template file, that sort of nullifies the purpose of child theme i.e. not breaking things when theme is updated…

    The default theme for WordPress should be powerful, with a lot of options in admin panel, so that a lot of people can customize it easily….things like – 1/2/3 column, top/left/bottom/right sidebar, some color packs, should be part of the theme. The header and blog name should be in a top “sidebar” and copyright info should be in a bottom “sidebar”. There should be 2 types of top/bottom sidebard – full width and main content area width….

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  • Switching sidebars can be done with template pages and code changes.

    We have to remember that many people contribute to the WordPress core product, these people offer their code and input free of charge.

    We download the product free of charge, some of us contribute with tutorials etc again free of charge.

    There is the 2010 Weaver theme a 2010 variant that can be downloaded, not many people want to many options, as we choose a theme from a preview.

    Creating different layouts with different sidebars.




    If I seemed ungrateful or disrespectful, I apologise unconditionally. WP is absolutely fantastic.

    In fact, because it is so easy to use and requires hardly any coding/tech expertise (just look at how incredibly easy it is to update WP, plugins, and themes) that I thought that the default theme should be more configurable from the admin panel….



    Checking out 2010 Weaver ( Very cool.

    THIS should be the default theme for WordPress. Doesn’t confuse people with options but if people want to see the options, they click on 2010 weaver and can tweak to their heart’s content!



    Is this theme well-supported? What’s the likelihood of it being discarded and not updated anymore?

    I dont know much about twenty ten weaver, like all themes there will come a time when if they are not supported they will have deprecated code and no longer work.

    I created the Atmosphere 2010 theme for the WordPress Extend last year, if I were to update this today, it would overwrite files that people made changes to, so you have to strike a balance.

    The point I was really making was simple, when you first use WordPress it is mind blowing, and to have lots of options could put a lot of people off WordPress.

    If I find software overloaded with options I end up using only a few, or not using the software.

    Looking around the internet there are many website that use the twenty ten theme “out the box” and “as is”, some do not change anything, others change the header and background.

    Sidebars are a different issue when I started theme development I thought like others and created themes with fifteen sidebars and used only two!

    A sidebar on the right is a better option for me as I want the reader to be looking at the content not ad blocks, these I insert in the posts.

    The reason the header and footer credits are not in sidebars and widgets is that as a “Free Theme” author you want the credits left in place to drive traffic to your website.

    The theme above has had over 22000 downloads in five months, the link in the footer sends a little traffic to my website, when the downloader has not edited it out!



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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