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  • What version of weaver are you using, and is it basic or pro version?
    If you want the menu centered there is an option in Main Options > Menus > Menus Bar Layout Section for that.

    If you just want to shift it right a bit, you can add the CSS below in Advanced options > Head section > Custom CSS Rule box
    #access {padding-left:50px;}

    Also you have chosen to used a fixed width non responsive mode. This is a bad Idea in this day an age where many mobile device need the site to be responsive.

    Finally, in the future, you should use the main support site as you will get a lot more attention there 🙂

    Hi Scrambler, thank you for your reply! 🙂

    Looking in my Weaver admin section, it says…

    You are using Weaver 2.2.9.
    You are not using Weaver Plus.
    You are using WordPress WP_Filesystem.
    You are using WordPress 3.9.1.
    You are using PHP 5.4.28.

    Under “main options” I don’t have a “menus” section.

    I do want it centred rather than just shifted to the right… but perhaps I will try that until I find out how to centre it.

    Erm… how do I un-choose a fixed-width non-responsive mode…?

    Lastly, thank you for the suggestion, I wasn’t aware of that forum.

    2.2.9 is a very old an now unsupported version of weaver. You really need to consider upgrading to the current one which is Weaver II.
    There is an upgrade procedure in the weaver forum FAQ.
    Not only will you have a supported theme then that is supported on WordPress 3.9.1, but you will gain a lot of functionality and support for mobile devices which is key in this day an age.

    If your site is very active and you are afraid of disturbing it while working on the transition, you could clone your site in a sub folder of your installation, and test the upgrade to weaver II there first, so you can minimize the disruption of the main site. Below is an FAQ on this.

    Thanks for your help Scrambler – it’s very much appreciated!

    I’ve now made the switch-over to Weaver II 🙂

    Everything seems to be working pretty well after the switch (there are a couple of things which need tweaking but I’ll work on that), but there’s one thing that’s confusing me…

    On some of the product pages (I’m using a jigoshop plugin) the featured product image has replaced the site header. This is only on a few product pages, not all of them, so I can’t figure out why it’s happening. You can see what I mean here –

    You seem to know what you’re talking about, so I thought I’d ask 🙂 Any ideas?

    Actually, forget that one, I figured it out – yay! Go me! 🙂


    On product pages, I can’t get the sidebar to appear. But I get this message at the bottom of the page, just above the footer…

    If you see this message, it means you have a plugin trying to add a Sidebar to a page. Because of Weaver II’s flexible sidebar layouts, Weaver standard sidebar areas are not compatible with this plugin, but this special one is. To use this area, open the Main Options : Widget Areas : Define Per Page Widget Areas and define a per-page area called plugin_replacement. Add widgets to the new plugin_replacement area, and they will be displayed here on plugin pages. If you do not add any widgets, then nothing will be displayed, and this message will go away.

    I’m guessing that means there’s a widget area at the bottom of the product pages, but I’d really like to get the sidebar if it’s possible.

    Any ideas would be appreciated 🙂

    That message is pretty clear. I have not worked with plugin like this, but my understanding is that you have pages that are created by the plugin and not by weaver. As a result, weaver has no control of the sidebar. But, Weaver has added a hook for plugins to use and it seems yours is one that uses it. For the plugin to be able to add the widgets, you need to create a Per page widget area by putting the name
    In the box at the bottom of the Main Options > Widget Area page. that will create a new widget area that will show up in appearance > Widgets. You can then put the widgets you need in there, and they should show up on the page generated by the plugin.

    Beyond that, you should open a thread on the Weaver Forum (link in my first post) with all the details and the link to your site.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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