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    Hopefully this makes sense if you look at my site.

    I’ve got a few sub-menus under the Teams menu, so I don’t want visitors to ba ble to click the Teams menu, or the Senior or Youth sub-menus. i want them to have to go to the pages below these sub-menus.

    I know you should be able to do this by adding # to the end of the url, but when I try to edit the permalink on the page in the Dashboard, it doesn’t save it.

    I have seen WP sites with this # at the end of the url so I know it can be done somehow.

    Thanks for any help. the site is here


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  • Create a custom link for your menu(in Admin > Appearance > Menus), set the URL to #, the title to “Teams” and use that item as the parent menu.

    You shouldn’t be trying to change the Page’s actual title, but setting the URL of a “menu item”..

    Thanks for the quick response.

    You have to bear with me, I’m new to WP and learning as I go along.

    I’ve gone into the menus to try this but I’m getting confused as to what to add where.

    Can you give me a bit more detail?

    Me again.

    Just found the Page-links-to plug-in for this.

    Saves me faffing around in the menus.

    Thanks for your help.

    Ok, well first imagine this is how your existing menu looks(bearing in mind in my image the parent is called about, simply because it was quicker to use an existing page then go create one).

    First create a new menu item, called teams and set the URL to #.

    Add the item to the menu.

    Then move the items that were originally under the Teams(About in the screenshot) page under the new custom item just created.

    Now click Save Menu (that’s the blue button top right corner.

    NOTE: To move menu items around, drag and drop them. Also you may want to remove the original Teams page from the menu at the end, else you’ll have a redundant item in the menu(removing a page from the menu does not physically remove the page).

    Good work there. Very usefull too.

    I use that very method for my own menu, so i hope you’ve not gone the plugin route, but all the same, i’m happy to help.. 😉

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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