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  • Here is the link to my blog’s home page:

    I am dissatisfied with the “Colorway” title at the top of the page. I want it to say my name.

    Do I have to create a child theme to do that? If so, how do I create a child theme with the Color Way theme? I have ZERO knowledge of coding.

    Thanks for your help,


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  • I’ve looked at that theme before. Isn’t it anywhere in the Theme > Options menu? As I recall, a lot of that stuff on the home page gets filled in in the Theme Options area, no?

    Hi! It’s possible to change the headers underneath the big header from ‘Theme Options” but I can’t tell how to change the big header.

    Were you able to use theme options to change the big/main header that reads “Colorway” before? I just want the word “Colorway” to be changed to my name.

    Thanks for the response!

    I can’t remember all the details. I just remember it being sort of unusual how you got content on that landing page.

    You could also check in “General Settings,” but I don’t think that’s right ??

    I don’t have it in front of me at the moment (I think it’s still installed on “my other computer.” I could try to take a look a later and get back to you tomorrow.

    I am using a different theme, however, to change tat on my one I went to Settings > General > Site Title



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    the logo is an image:


    215 * 55 px

    create a new image with the same height and file name, and upload it into the /images folder of your theme.

    Yup, alchymyth is right.

    But you can also create the image and then upload it via the panel at Appearance > Theme Options > General Settings … and right there at the top it gives you a field called “custom logo” where you can upload the image.

    Chip Bennett


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    Don’t edit the Theme files directly.

    First: because such changes will be lost when the Theme is updated. And second: because it’s not necessary. The Theme has its own setting for the logo.

    @bob.passaro provides the instructions for finding the Theme custom logo setting.

    @courtneyewise – You can change the Logo on the header by going to General Settings under the Themes Options Panel.

    The Logo supports a fullwidth size, so if required you can also upload a fullwidth banner on the top header as well.

    Hi there InkThemes,
    I love ColorWay and I have a great logo for my site But the remaining white space is a waste. Can I add another Image/Banner to run the rest of header in addition to mY logo

    Emil Uzelac


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    @mbannist you’re in wrong forum bud, please post here.

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