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  • Hello,

    I m a it surprised that I m the first on to ask, but is there a workaround to make the text of link clickable in case of the sub menu ? right now, if the item has sub items, you need to click on the arrow to collapse it. If you click on the text, nothing happens.

    This is very important because it is not obvious for some people to click on the arrow to see the sub menu.


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  • Hey @veptune! I just recently figured my customers were struggling with the same thing. Being a developer myself I came up with some custom CSS which solves the problem. Given that you have things set up the same way as I do, inserting this into your custom CSS under Customize > Additional CSS in WordPress Admin will fix your problem 🙂

    @media (max-width: 768px) {
    	/*Make submenus clickable on mobile*/
    	.dropdown-toggle {
    		text-align: end; /*This brings the toggle arrow to the left*/
    		width: 100%; /*This makes the toggle arrow hit box fill the whole menu element*/

    I think the reason the feature is set up this way is that it’s actually possible to add a link to the PARENT element in the menu too. Adding this code removes that possibility on mobile. However, you should never have your menu set up that way, as it’s not obvious to the user.

    Hope this helps 🙂

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