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  • alexis888


    I wanted to know if there could be an option to add an opt-in box in the pop-up form saying “I agree to the privacy policy” or something like that in the free version ?

    I know it is possible to add a checkbox (or other fields) in the premium version but having the opt-in checkbox for GDPR compliant in the free version should be possible, because as it is I’m pretty sure this plugin is GDPR compliant out of the box.

    In fact it’s mandatory to let users know what their personal datas are collected for and have them actively consent (hence the opt-in checkbox) before starting to gather anything from them.

    I’ve tried to find a workaround by adding a sentence with a link to the privacy policy page in the Form Sub-Head but this field doesn’t seem to accept html tags.

    Please let me know about this issue as I have to remove it from several websites until I find a solution for this!
    Thank you

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  • Hello,

    Perhaps not very clean, but you an add into templates/xoo-wl-form.php, before the submit button, this kind of input:

    <div style=”margin-bottom: 1.5em;”>
    <p style=”font-size: 0.9em;”><input type=”checkbox” required name=”terms”>I agree to give my email address …..</p>

    Hope this can help you.

    Best regards



    Hey @joy0114,
    thanks for your input and sorry for the late answer.
    In fact, not a big fan of tweaking the plugin files themselves as this code will have to be added each time I updated the plugin but it’ll do until the plugin author makes his plugin GDPR compliant in the free version as well !

    Thanks again



    You’re right, it’s not advisable …

    But sometimes we can’t avoid it, and I known, some work when the plugin is updated !
    Have a good day.

    Plugin Author xootix


    Sorry for the late response.
    Yes, you should not edit the plugin core files directly. However you can still edit the template by copying it to your theme/waitlist-woocommerce folder
    You can also use this hook to add your checkbox field without editing template/
    Code after “//verify conditions” is optional, if you want to verify checkbox back-end.
    I will add this “I agree” field in the next update.

    //Add conditions checkbox
    add_action( 'xoo_wl_add_fields', function(){
    	<label><input type="checkbox" required name="xoo_wl_gdpr" style="margin-right: 5px;" value="yes">I agree to give my email address …..</label>
    } );
    //Verify conditions
    add_action( 'xoo_wl_form_submit_success', function( $inserted_id ){
    	if( !isset( $_POST['xoo_wl_gdpr'] )  ){
    		xoo_wl_db()->delete_waitlist_row_by_id( $inserted_id );
    			'error' => 1,
    			'notice' => xoo_wl_add_notice( 'Please check I agree to give my email address', 'error' )
    	return $inserted_id;
    } );
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    • This reply was modified 1 week, 6 days ago by xootix.

    Thanks a lot for that solution, and that’s great news you’ll add that to the next release ! Looking forward to downloading it 🙂

    Hello Xootix,

    Many many thanks for your work, your help and your plan for implementing this within a next release !

    Have a good day and take care !

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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