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  • Why is it that we can’t search within the WordPress forums themselves? The only search I see is for the entire WordPress site. If the forums were searchable by forum topic, you’d probably get a lot less duplication, and people could find solutions easier.

    When I do search, the list that results does not tell you much, either. It’s hard to tell what the post is about without clicking on it. Often, it’s a list of posts of a member, which are about all kinds of things, getting the searcher no closer to a solution.

    I notice that most of my posts get no responses at all. Could it be that there are just too many posts and too many duplicated questions, so it discourages would-be helpful types?

    WordPress is such a great CMS, it’s a shame the forum for it is so clumsy.

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  • Totally agree.

    I’m just developing my first WP site and only joined the forum yesterday. I posted a query in the Plugins forum, made the mistake of closing the window and now I can’t even find my post using the search system! It might well be in the results somewhere but as there are scores of pages from the whole WP site instead of just the forum I’m interested in to look through, I just don’t have the time.

    Nobody’s replied to my post yet so I guess it’ll just languish in limbo till someone does. Not holding my breath as it seems there are posts going into that forum every minute or two so it will be well buried by now and nobody will be seeing it.

    This search system is very rudimentary compared to most other forums I have seen and used, many of which use what looks like a standard UI.



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    Yes, we all agree with that and a better search is on the “to do” list (it’s a long list 🙂 ). You can find your own posts by clicking on “View Your Profile” – top right corner of the screen.

    Or here it is:

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