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  • Resolved Brian Hogg


    Is there no way to use the plugin to test the 4.8 Release Candidate without activating the ‘bleeding edge’ code? If not, perhaps we could add an additional option to test the next version beta/RC without calling it bleeding edge? (but still warn that you shouldn’t do this on a live site unless you know what you’re doing)


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  • Plugin Author Andy Fragen


    Bleeding edge is trunk.
    Point release nightly is development code based on current release.

    Given those definitions, any release candidate is based on trunk and therefore bleeding edge needs to be checked. It’s clearly implied that a Release Candidate is more stable than an alpha.

    @afragen makes sense, but was still thinking the actual release candidate tag could be an additional option unless the RC1 zip here is actually re-generated off of trunk daily?

    If it’s not possible, we could at least add a note that bleeding edge == trunk == new version beta / release candidate for those who aren’t aware.

    Plugin Author Andy Fragen


    Release candidates have a stable URL as on the main page but are also updated in trunk such that the stable URL isn’t exactly the same code as trunk within a short period of time. Granted there are fewer code changes during the release candidate phase, but he number is not zero.

    I’ll see about adding some better statement that bleeding edge === trunk.

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    Yes, adding some side note that this is Beta/Release Candidate option would be great.

    Now there is miscommunication – in WordPress announcements there is also call to test new Beta/RC, so why not use same names in plugin, to keep messages consistent and not confuse people that want to help in testing.

    Bleeding edge nightlies for me feels like something more fresh then any announced Beta/RC.

    This is confusing for me every time I install Beta tester plugin again.

    With kind regards.

    Plugin Author Andy Fragen


    Actually this has been done in the most recent release. It specifically states in the description of _Bleeding edge nightlies_ that it is _trunk_.

    OK I see it.

    It still uses different terminology then WordPress announcements, as I said before.

    I think it is mostly important for non native English speakers.

    Either in blog posts, about new releases, they should use “newest version from trunk”, or plugin should use blog posts terminology.

    This is my 2 cents to case.

    With kind regards.

    Plugin Author Andy Fragen


    Air, it might be worthwhile making this comment over on the post about new releases and testing using the plugin.

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