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  • I think I might already have an answer to my question, but I wanted to run it by you good folks before I settled on my solution.

    I like being able to sticky a single post to always be up front and on top of the recent posts.

    But I don’t like how the post will then always exist in two places. For example, “Stickied Post Title” will exist as both the stickied post on “” and at “”.

    An easy way to get around this would be to use the Redirection plugin to just redirect “” to “” using a 301 redirect. I can then give it a dummy category and exclude both the dummy category and the post ID from the XML Sitemap.

    This works fine and looks okay (I think… ?), but it seems like there should be a more elegant solution.

    For example, with this solution, when a visitor hovers over the stickied post title on the front page, it indicates that it will take the visitor one place (to, but then when he or she clicks on it just leaves the visitor where he or she already is (the front page).

    Also, each of the tag pages for the tags used in that stickied post will have a link with a redirected path to the home page.

    Maybe these issues are both fine. But it seems a little awkward to me. What do you think? Would this be bad SEO or good SEO?

    I know I could just use Settings -> Reading -> Set a static page for the front page. But I specifically want my posts on the front page with a single stickied post up top.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?


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  • I really don’t mean to be rude, but…. *bump*

    Maybe if I state it more succinctly:

    Is it okay if I use the redirect plugin to do a 301 redirect from to if Post-Name is stickied on the front page?

    Would anyone see any problems with this solution?


    Gosh, I was really hoping for some kind of feedback on this matter. I’ll bump one more time and then I promise I’ll let it rest.

    Thanks in advanced to anyone who takes the time to read and respond. 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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