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make srp wpml compatible - add widget title (1 post)

  1. ensof
    Posted 3 years ago #

    hi there,
    great plugin! thanks a lot!

    I just used it wil wpml and couldn't transplate the widget title and after getting help from the wpml people, they made a change to some code so that one will be able to do this. it would be great if you could incorperate this in to the new versions so that the plugin will be wpml compatible in further versions.

    here is the code that is need to be edited:

    Please, open the wp-content/plugins/special-recent-posts/classes/class-main.php file on line 816, replace this line:

    $srp_content .= $this->srp_create_tag($this->widget_args['widget_title_header'], $this->srp_sanitize($this->widget_args["widget_title"]), $widgetTitleAdditionalClasses);

    with this:

    $widget_title = $this->srp_sanitize($this->widget_args["widget_title"]);
    $srp_content .= $this->srp_create_tag($this->widget_args['widget_title_header'], icl_translate('wpml_custom', 'widget_title_srp', $widget_title), $widgetTitleAdditionalClasses);

    The string will appear in the WPML for translation> String Translation.


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