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  • Newbie here!

    Wow, WP is really easy — and tempting — to hack, even when you know only the simplest CSS.

    I’ve been fussing with smilies, creating emoticons for different kinds of links. E.G. :play: makes a playbutton linked to a soundfile, and :book: makes a link to a page in Google books.

    It’s working! Except that the smilies are floating waaay far away from the text just to their left, when footnote markers are stuck to the word to their left, like punctuation. Essentially I’m trying to make fancy footnotes.

    I kept cropping the smilies in Photoshop and poking at CSS padding and margins, only to realize — you IDIOT, the paragraph is justified!

    I’m sure the solution’s staring me in the face. Is there some way to…how to put this… make a graphic snuggle up to the text just left of it, even in a justified paragraph, as if it were a letter or a punctuation mark?

    Here’s my baby blog.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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