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  • I have a website. That site contains a WP blog.

    I want to keep the blog as is, but convert the rest of the site to be powered by WordPress (though it should look like a site, not a blog).

    Right now, the WP software is within the blog folder. I realize I must move it to root level. But then what? I hope to recreate most of the existing web pages so they will have the same content and same URL as now. And the blog portion (within the site) should also maintain its existing URLs.

    Seems complicated for my level of experience. Other instructions in this forum are for multi-blogs. This seems different. Any advice, instructions, or pointers to existing instructions?

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  • Hi thiefhunter have a look at the following link

    Kind regards

    Thanks mbrsolution. That document is helpful, but not specific enough for my level of expertise.

    1. Do I need to enable multisite in order to run my site with WP, and my wp blog in its own subdirectory? I will want two entirely different templates/looks: my existing blog the way it is now, and a whole new and different look to my existing site (excluding the existing blog section). Two different themes. Does that count as two blogs?

    2. Can I leave all existing files as is for now, and only move the WP core files to root (they are now in the blog subdirectory)? Will the blog still run (after I change setting in the WP general panel)? With the same urls?

    3. THEN I suppose I should set up a folder ( i.e. “/dev”) and build new wp pages there to replace the existing site pages. Yes?

    4. And finally, spill the new pages in “/dev” into the root.

    Am I right? Am I missing something huge and important?
    Thanks in advance…

    Hi, you are correct with options 2, 3 and 4.

    First make a backup of your blog, this is very important. If something goes wrong, you will have a backup :). Move your blog to the root and then create your /dev folder and install another full version of wordpress. Work on this /dev version, which is going to a website and not a blog and once you are happy with it then do what you suggested, move the /dev back to the root and the root back to /blog. You will have to create another folder and maybe call it tempsite, this will allow you to move your blog from the root into this tempsite folder, move the content of your /dev folder to the root and then move the content of /tempsite folder to the /blog folder.

    Make sure that you have your .htaccess file pointing to the right path if you are using a .htaccess file which I assume you are 🙂

    In regards to option 1 click on the following link

    Two different themes could be considered two blogs in your case it would be a static website and a blog.

    I hope this helps you.

    Kind regards

    Thanks again, mbrsolution.

    Why would I need another version of WP? Especially since it has multisite? That seems odd… Or is the second version temporary? Or, once I install the second version, I delete the one currently in a blog folder on my site?


    Hi sorry about my last comment, in regards to multisite you don’t need a second wp installation. I just added two options for you to choose which one works for you. 🙂 and if your host allows for multisite.

    I would love some very specific instruction, if someone could offer it. My general understanding is vague, and I can’t afford to screw up my working site. Could anyone please instruct me precisely on how to do this?

    Hi, have you asked your host if they support multisite? This is important just in case you start and then find out that you can’t. By the way I forgot to mention, I like your website 🙂 it is very creative and illustrative.

    Have a look at this basic tutorial

    Have a look at this video

    Let me know if this helps. But remember first ask your host.

    Kind regards

    Thanks for your compliment!

    I’m starting to wonder if multisite is really what I need. Can I have as the main site, and use WP pages so that it is more a “site” than a blog, and have a subdirectory “thiefhunters” which is the blog?

    Can I use two separate themes? I’d want one for the site, and a different look for the existing blog. In fact, I don’t want the blog to change in any way.

    Seems to me this makes is only one blog, Or does the thiefhunters part make it count as two?

    I’m dying to start on this, but I don’t know how to begin. I will ask my webhost about multisites right now, but let’s figure out if that’s what I need.

    I really appreciate your help!

    If you want to use 2 different themes, the easiest way is to have 2 separate installations or to use multisite. You can have for your blog with either setup.

    With 2 installs, put the 2nd one in a subfolder named thiefhunters.
    With multisite using subdirectories, it’s simply a subsite.

    The other option is to customize your theme so it has a different design depending on which page you’re on.

    Hi, to your first option yes you can use as the main site. When you say and use wp pages so that is is more a “site” than a blog. From what I see your is a site already, do you mean that you prefer to use WP as the platform to work with.

    You second option, yes to having a subdirectory “thiefhunters” as a blog. This is already using WP as I checked the admin login.

    Yes you can use two seperate themes if that is what you want because you will have two WP installed, 1 for the site and 1 for the blog.

    Seems to me this makes is only one blog, Or does the thiefhunters part make it count as two? If you set up a site and a blog then it is 2 WP, you don’t have to call it 2 blogs because remember that WP allows you to create a blog and or a website.

    I will give you an example, my website uses Joomla as the website and WP as the blogging platform. Have a look at this link

    However I could have had just one WP installed and set it up as a website and a blog. But I like Joomla very much and I also love WP which is in my opinion is the best blogging platform in the world and very easy to drive 🙂

    Kind regards

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