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  • I’m having issues with the shipping state’s core functionality.

    Customers who spend over $40 receive free shipping. Many of these customers are not putting their shipping state into the shipping calculator and the shipping state box is uneditable. It defaults to the origin state, which in most cases is wrong (and since I created a “select one” state, many customers are coming through with a shipping state of “select one”.

    Does anyone know of a way to make the shipping calculator required?

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  • We had the same problem with free shipping at a certain level and asking for the shopper to update the shipping calculator input.

    We addressed it by changing the flow of the checkout so that the address is input before the shipping option is selected. The work was done for us by pyebrook.

    Throw something into a cart at and step through the checkout to see if addresses your issue.

    It is my understanding that the bulk of the internals that were in the custom plugin created for us by pyebrook in support this has been added to WPEC for the very soon to be beta 3.8.14 release. This should make it that much easier for you to change the checkout flow by making changes to the theme checkout pages.

    This makes a lot more sense. I have a dev version of the 3.8.14 release due to another shipping issue I was having, but the checkout flow is the same as the previous version. Any idea when the full version will be coming out? I’ll see if I can rework things a little bit to get it working better. Thanks for your input!



    You are able to alter the checkout template by using the store presentation settings to clone a copy of the checkout file into your current theme. Flush the template cache and then make your changes to the checkout page within your theme.

    If shipping is enabled the checkout calculator is already required and you are unable to complete checkout without entering details.

    Hope this helps

    Thanks Edward, I do have a customized checkout template and shipping is enabled, but for some reason customers with free shipping orders are able to bypass the calculator without entering their state in…because the origin state is already in there by default maybe? If they put in a zip.. the state ends up just being the origin state—even if the zip code isn’t valid for that state.

    So basically, I guess I need the state and zip to validate together and not just the countries, if that makes sense.

    Also, for some reason, some US customers are not entering their billing state, but if I make the billing state a required field, my checkout page just refreshes and doesn’t work!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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