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    I’m basically pulling my hair out because I’m not exactly sure how to solve this problem.

    I’ve transferred over 30 wordpress websites to my server and each one have the same issue. Before the move they were all able to install plugins and update from the WordPress dashboard without needing FTP credentials.

    Now every website is asking for FTP credentials, and even though it goes through the plugin update procedure… the plugins never actually get updated. As well as several other issues.

    I’m trying to figure out where to start looking on my server to make it compatible without wordpress while not needing to use FTP to utilize the dashboard automatic installation method.

    The updates work when I switched my FTP server to Pro-ftpd instead of the pure ftp server. However I would prefer not to use FTP at all and just let WordPress do it’s thing naturally.

    My Server config is:
    – Latest RELEASE version of CPanel
    – PHP Version 5.2.11 w/ PHPsuexec
    – CentOS
    – eAccelerator+Zend+suhosin+suphp

    The following PHP functions are disabled:
    – dl
    – passthru

    Thank you in advance for any replies.

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  • damainman


    Okay been doing research on other forums as well. Some people claim the Server settings that WordPress needs to accomplish this without the FTP method via the dashboard opens up a huge security risk.

    Can anyone advise?



    Could you please post the server setting which is needed for solving this problem?



    In order for this to work, the user that ‘owns’ the web server process (apache/www-data/httpd are some common ones) needs write permissions to the wordpress directories and their files. It’s this process that does the download, unpack and overwrite of the files.

    If you transferred the files over (ftp upload?), it’s probable that all the files are owned by your user and group, so I’d recommend a review of the ownerships and group permissions on the files.

    You may think that making the files world writeable could be a quick and dirty fix to the problem, but the security ramifications are dire, so that would be most strongly discouraged.

    However he just replied and didn’t realize my server has suphp installed and the highest all files can run is under 755 and not 777.

    I’m still trying to figure out what might cause my server to not do plugin install/upgrades without needing the FTP credentials. No luck so far though.



    thank you.
    unfortunatly i have no root access to change the ownership.. 🙁



    Well his method doesn’t work for me because it’s exactly how my server currently functions. However, i’m still unable to get wordpress to work without requiring FTP credentials.

    If you find a solution please update this post because my hair is going gray lol.



    Would having the libssh2 php extension installed resolve this issue? Been browsing the WordPress files and in the “class-wp-filesystem-ssh2.php” file it mentions this.

    I’m still reading multiple posts but not directly related to my issue, but very similar. Am I correct assuming that for WordPress to use the autoinstaller without needing FTP credentials, it uses the SSH2 function?

    I guess maybe if I understand what type of method wordpress uses when it is able to autoinstrall without needing FTP credentials, I might have a better idea on where to look to fix the issue on my server.



    I finally solved the issue but I did multiple things at once so not sure which one specifically solved the situation but I’m guessing it was enabling getmyuid and getmypid in my php functions.

    Basically i re-enabled these functions and removed eaccerlator.

    1. pclose
    2. set_time_limit
    3. getmyuid
    4. getmypid

    Now it never asks me for FTP information when trying to update from Admin, and so far everything upgrades perfectly with no errors and no issues.

    But thank you to everyone who participated in my quest for the answer lol :). Much appreciated.

    Finally i can rest!! for a bit.

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