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  • I hope the title of the post is not too unclear, but what I need is one of those plug ins that asks anyone trying to post a message when joining, to fill in a password which is displayed in graphic form, to stop spammers.

    A small image displays four numbers or letters, and the user simply has to copy this to allow them to either submit a comment or to join.

    I’ve searched for this device to no avail.

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  • Its OK people, I’ve found it.

    Its called Anti spam image

    Sorry about that, but at least we can archive a link to this plug in, not used it yet but seen it on many blogs.


    This plugin inserts a security image for the WP comment page, requiring the poster to enter the right characters in the image.


    Search for “captcha” – you’ll find a lot, both in the Codex and in the forum.
    However, as it was mentioned many times: they are not really effective against automatic spamming scripts.

    So what you’re after is called a “Captcha”. The downside to that is your excluding some “impaired” folks (like visually impaired among others).


    But really, if you’re going after spam, I’d seriously suggest looking at either Akismet or Spam Karma. Either of those paired with Bad Behavior work very very well.

    [edit: oops, I overlapped Moshu’s post]

    [HS, but yours is more informative]

    Cheers Moshu, the anti spam image plug in works ok in WP version 2.02, and looks sort of neat. I did not know those devious spammers had overcome that image protection. I also use Askimet also and am just testing out all these protection methods before I go public and get 5 visitors a week and the glory of reaching such a wide audience.


    Just as I set up the anti spam image device, I realise that Handy Solo is spot on – I’d exclude anyone visually impaired, which is akin to perhaps putting the books in the library 50 foot up in the air.

    Ah well, there goes the anti spam image plug in.

    I’m not sure how good askimet is, but everyone seems to have a good opinion of it. I guess using that alone will be enough, and I can easily stop any spam which does get through.

    It would be a shame if WordPress blogs were not able to be used by everyone. As I have someone in the family visually impaired, I apologise for that lack of foresight.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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