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  • We manage a bunch of multisites, that will keep growing. We want to post the same blog posts to these sites at once. Is it possible to make one post on the main site and send to all other sites, so we don’t have to make the same blog post multiple times? We will also need to have the ability to delete posts from multisites without effecting the other sites. Thanks in advance!

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  • Doing that would be detrimental to your SEO (Google would see it as duplicate posts and downgrade you).

    The ‘better’ way would be to use and aggregate all your posts into your main site (it does it in an SEO friendly way).

    You can do it the way you’re saying – – but be careful with it.

    As for duplicate content, this is a question that we have around the office and I would love some expert WP advice on this. If it is a home improvement company, they have multiple products with dealer sites that use MU. If the content is the same, from the same company, about the same product… is it considered duplicate content? If so, MU site wide tags should be the way to go and not active it on the sites where dealers manage the blog themselves.

    Many thanks in advance, you’re always so helpful Ipstenu 🙂

    If the content is the same, from the same company, about the same product… is it considered duplicate content?

    Yes and no… Sorry :/

    There are ways around it (like how companies with multiple sites, like CDW, manage to do it), but a lot of it has to do with how you’re showing the content.

    If it’s products for sale, that seems to be more lightly regarded (since you might see product foo in Ohio and Indiana, but want separate sites for each). Generally by ‘content’ we mean your blog/news posts.

    What kind of product posts are you talking about?

    I responded to you via email. Those are just a few dealer sites mentioned, there are 20 now and more to come. If i use WordPress Multisite Tags, should that take care of the blog situation?

    Don’t email. You get the free help you get here, and that’s it. I don’t have the time or money to help everyone out by email 🙂

    You can answer the question generically, you know. “We’re selling things, and we want the same item to be available in multiple places.” and so on.

    I apoligize for a slight alteration in this thread, but I haven’t been able to get a solution in my own thread.

    I have the exact opposite problem. I want to get copies of a particular custom post type from each site duplicated on the main site.

    The custom posts are maps of each store location, as entered by the site admin on each stores site. I want a master map on the main site showing all store locations.

    The only valuable information I can provide is that it appears in the php that the custom post uses regular text input fields to save meta data with the post.

    I’ve also thought that maybe just getting the lat and lng meta data and creating a map with that would be faster on the server, but I have no clue about how to code either query, or loop.

    Ipstenu (Mika), would you be able to advise me any one this?

    Kirk, I’d advise you to keep it to your own thread. Dredging up old ones like this is exactly what we ask you not to do 🙂

    You have a post:

    And Curtis has been very kindly helping you out. You get what you get with free help from volunteers. Sometimes we’re busy. Be patient, or hire someone.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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