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  • Hello
    I need the “paging-navigation” and “post-navigation” text to be an H3 header
    In the post listing that shows “post-navigation”, how could I add a ⬅+post name and ➡+post name to indicate that it is the previous and next post?
    Currently a blind person could not know what the previous and next post is, since it does not specify it.
    What code would I have to add in the functions.php of the childtheme?
    Thank you very very much.

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  • Theme Author Tom


    Hi there,

    Sorry for the delay in responding. I’m not sure I 100% understand the desired result here – do you have any examples you can show?

    Are you wanting H3 text above the next and previous links on single posts?

    Let us know 🙂

    Thread Starter zait22


    In the web blog that I am modifying there are 10 entries per page.
    The blog has 30 entries (It’s just an example).
    The blog is configured to display 10 posts per page.
    There is a text that says: “Post navigation”
    And it offers me the ability to navigate between page 1, 2 and 3 to see the rest of the entries.
    It is the text “Input Navigation” that I would like to put in H3.

    When I enter an entry, at the end, it allows me to go to the previous and next entry. There is also a text above these two links (next and previous) which is “Post navigation”
    I would need that text to be an H3 as well.

    I have the Web locally and at this moment I am not on the computer where I have it. If you need it, I can upload some screenshots.
    Thank you.

    Hi there,

    the Theme uses this function for the Posts pagination:

    I am not sure if it will support HTML to add the H3. But you can try this:

    	remove_action( 'generate_after_loop', 'generate_do_post_navigation' );	
    add_action( 'generate_after_loop', 'lh_move_pagination', 0 );
    function lh_move_pagination() {
        if ( !is_archive() || is_home() ) {
            echo '<nav id="nav-below" class="paging-navigation top-navigation" aria-label="Archive Page">';
            the_posts_pagination( array(
    	    'end_size' => 2,
    	    'mid_size' => apply_filters( 'generate_pagination_mid_size', 1 ),
            'prev_text' => apply_filters( 'generate_previous_link_text', __( '<h3>&larr; Previous</h3>', 'generatepress' ) ),
    	    'next_text' => apply_filters( 'generate_next_link_text', __( '<h3>Next &rarr;</h3>', 'generatepress' ) ),
    	) );
            echo '</nav>';

    That will remove the theme one and replace it with your own custom one.

    You can see the two lines here where you can change the HTML and the text:

    <h3>&larr; Previous</h3>
    <h3>Next &rarr;</h3>

    Give that a try – if that works we can then look at the other changes you want.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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