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  1. siounis
    Posted 8 years ago #

    i know pages are stand alone pages, they dont conect or work like posts- i dig that, but can we make them less like posts.

    how wordpress is set up now (with permalinks) is:

    Pages work like this:

    Posts work like this:

    cant i get pages to work like this:

    the only reason i dont use posts is that when they browse threw my posts they will come by a static page. for instance:

    each category on my site has a static page. such as a "what is this category about" or a "welcome to the category!" page. these clearly remain static.
    check it out: http://www.f-ram.net

    ive been looking for hacks. is there anyway to make my pages work more like posts in regards to permalinks and categories?

  2. siounis
    Posted 8 years ago #

    i know ppl say a page within a category is a post but its not

    cause when you search threw a category such as c?=9 whatever, and youre looking threw the posts. you run into the pages that are suppose to be static.

    if you cna have a static 'post' in a category than you can in effect have sub blogs in a network of blogs.


    - Comic 1 (category)
    - Welcome (page)
    - Info (page)
    - News (post category)
    - News Post 1 (post)
    - News Post 2 (post)
    - Comic 2 (Category)

    this works great with ugly permalinks, but when you swtich to /category/post name/ - then it messes up. (see above)

  3. efraims
    Posted 8 years ago #

    somone help the guy out! i need to fix this as well.

    ..dont want to convert over 120 pages to posts!

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