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    I’m using Cover WP 1.6.5 by One Designs

    There is not option for full template w/o sidebar. How can I do this?


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  • I’m not sure how that theme is setup, but you can try adding a new full-page template. What you do is this (I’m assuming you have FTP access to the theme):

    1. Duplicate the “page.php” file. Name the new file “full-page.php”
    2. Open “full-page.php” in your HTML/PHP editor. At the top, add the following:

    Template Name: Full Page

    Then remove the get_sidebar() function call from the page. You might also have to remove some divs and/or other mark-up surrounding the get_sidebar(). Since I can’t see the code, I can’t tell you everything you need to remove. But basically, set it up so that only the code for one column remains. Also, you may need to create a new CSS class for the main content div for the full-page.php template and set it so that it fills 100% of the site width.

    Good luck!

    Thank you for the quick response!

    I did a few of those, but I’m not sure how to clean it up.

    My url is

    I want the search page to be full width.


    Post the code for the search.php file and then post the URL of your pastebin here. I’ll take a look at it. Don’t post the HTML source, rather, post the “search.php” file code.

    Here is the normal search.php that came with the theme, but I would like to put google search in its place.

    How do I make only that entire page full page?

    It is alright if the sidebar is gone, but how can I do this?

    Hey, I’m so sorry I haven’t replied. Things came up in my life, lol!

    Basically, to make full-page.php full page, you would need to open that file (“full-page.php”) and remove the code that displays the entire second column. You should also remove get_sidebar() from that page.

    So, in the “full-page.php” file, you should remove everything from <div id="sidebar"> to </div><!-- /sidebar -->. Keep the footer in place.

    You will then need to go to the CSS file and change the widths of your #center div to make it expand the entire page. The problem is, there’s a background gradient on that div that is only 600 or so pixels wide, so unless you make a new version of that gradient, it won’t expand across the entire page. So let’s just get rid of it for now and use a background color. Open “style.css” and add the following rules near the bottom of the sheet:

    .page-template-full-page-php #center {
    background: none;
    width: 930px;
    .page-template-full-page-php #sticky,
    .page-template-full-page-php #headline,
    .page-template-full-page-php #latest,
    .page-template-full-page-php #the_loop,
    .page-template-full-page-php #comment {
    background-image: none;
    width: 100%;

    Let me know how it goes. I’ve subscribed to this thread so I’ll get an email when you reply.

    Hmm… I took out all sidebar references in the new fullwidth page, and added that code on my style.css, but still no avail. Any other thoughts?

    Do I need to ‘hook up’ that style.css code to the new page?


    It looks like it’s working for me…it’s the search results page, right? When I visit the page I see the content column stretch across the entire site area…is that not the result you wanted?

    Try clearing your cache and reloading the page. Do the changes show up? What browser are you using? I’m on Firefox.

    Hey! It was just cached! It works!

    Thank you very much! I appreciate your time, energy, and consistency!


    You’re welcome! Glad it works and glad to help! 😀

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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