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    i had someone design my blog in wp and they have been designing a website around the blog. they are currently mia and i was supposed to launch my site jan 1. when i look at the site users there are 2 "admin" and "ashley" both labeled super admin. i did some research and am totally confused. if i, ashley, am super admin wouldn't i have access to everything?

    since my designer is mia and not returning emails or calls how can i get access to the backend of wp so i can have a new person come in and finish the job? i gave a new wp person my account info and he said i wasn't an admin...totally lost.

    how can i make myself an admin? is there a way i can back everything up and go through my site host...or? sorry i have no idea about any of this and am pretty stressed at the moment. really need to get this figured out asap.

    thanks in advance!

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