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  • I have a domain with godaddy ( and I built the website using Iweb. Some people are experiencing some issues, one issue is that the buynow buttons on my site are not working and another issue is that the heading isn’t being displayed on some of the pages. After looking in to it I figured out that it was only people using Internet explorer that were experiencing these issues, and thats a huge audience. People using Firefox or Safari did not have these issues. I was thinking about creating my website on my blog on a static home page. does anyone know how to use my domain name and use it to land people on my wordpress blog? Right now my website address is and my blog address is I only want but want them to land on the blog

    Thank you in advance… Anyone that can help.

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  • So you want people who visit to automatically go to ?

    If that’s the case just login to your godaddy account and set up the redirect to

    I called go daddy and the rep didn’t tell me I could do that. maybe he didn’t know. You make it sound so easy any way you could tell me the procedure.

    Sorry if i didn’t explain it to well, i’ve just found an old godaddy account that i have so basically

    Login > Domain Manager > Click the domain name

    under domain information click “manage” next to “Forwarding” and type the address you’d like your site to be forwarded to
    ( )

    Hope that helps!

    Thank you so much. Can you imagine, I was on the phone with a godaddy rep and He couldn’t tell me to do that?

    No problem! and yes the fact that a Godaddy rep couldn’t tell you how to do this is quite shocking actually.

    No redirects required or normally used.

    This is the generally accepted method of landing in WordPress when WordPress is installed in a sub directory and you want to land in the root.

    Thanks saildude, have you done this? Because I am not sure how to create the new directory in my root folder. the tutorial says to create a new directory named / wordpress. But I’m not sure how to do that.

    Yes the above is the way I did my site. When I first installed WordPress the auto install thing put it into a directory called “wordpress” – the name does not matter – you already have WordPress working in your “blog” directory so you are over half way home!!

    Pay no attention to “make wordpress directory” just consider your “blog directory” = “wordpress directory”

    Follow the instructions for the “move” very carefully – I suggest you print them out and make notes – you have a couple of files to move and a change in the Dashboard – once the changes are made rename your old index.html file in the root and things should pick up and go.

    You can get your new WordPress install all ready to go before moving anything. DO NOT do as many people do and just change the URL in the Dashboard – that causes the site to crash and it takes extra work to bring it back (at least one person a day comes by with that skipped steps issue)

    I installed WoedPress (well my host did when I clicked the “free blog” button – had not a clue what it was other than “free” – it was installed in a sub-directory – after some time I figured out that WordPress would do all I wanted to do for a site and was way easier to change than my stone ax crude regular site – so I migrated the content into WordPress and “moved” it to the root – been a while but seems it took me 5 minutes or so – would have been quicker but I made a spelling error in I think index.php and crashed things – but I still had FTP access so I just went in and fixed the spelling and all was well.

    Read the instructions carefully and ask questions if you are not sure BEFORE charging ahead – there are a lot of good people & moderators here that will help.

    Good luck

    Thank you so much for the replies. Let me ask you this? you said that I already have the directory created so I don’t have to create the new directory /wordpress? my blog is in its own folder called ‘blog’, So your saying that that’s already the directory I need?

    Then the move part says to move the files into the new folder, are they already there because I already have the ‘blog’ folder?

    Forgive me if I sound like a complete moron. I don’t want to keep bothering you, but I am in the process of doing exactly what you say you did in your last paragraph in your last reply for the same reasons. log in anywhere to my wordpress dashboard and make changes no matter where I am.


    Don’t move anything, your “blog” directory is the right place for the files. A WordPress install has several hundred files. Your install is working fine so leave them in “blog” – leaving them in “blog” also leaves your root directory much cleaner and keeps the files separated –

    When you “move” WordPress using the method I suggested you are just copying one or two files from “blog” to your base rood directory and making a minor edit in them – index.php needs to be copied and edited with some new path information so I can find where the WordPress files are installed. You will end up with two index.php files – the modified on in the root and the one you now have in “blog” then if someone goes to “” things will also run just fine same as if they went to “”.

    Please double check the file names I think that index.php and .httaccess are the only two that are affected. And if my feeble mind remembers correctly not all installs have an .httaccess file (it is hidden so you need to make sure your FTP program (or Cpanel) is set to show hidden files.

    More clear? Caution is good. I went read the instruction ONCE on how to clean up after a bad move and decided that I NEVER wanted to do things that way – so I triple checked and also ask a couple of questions before doing anything.

    Good luck

    Thank you. If all goes well, you won’t hear from me again. So I’m sure I will talk to ya layer.


    Ok I Lied. I said if it worked that you would not hear from me again, but I had to write back and tell you that I am very thankful for your help. it works perfect. I screwed up once, but it was a quick fix using filezilla to download the function.php file and edit it, to get my site back up. After that It literally took 2 minutes and it works like a charm.

    Thank you again!

    after having success with the last task, I have encountered an error. I tried to add an image in the themes settings under appearance in the dashboard. However after clicking save changes it gives me this error message;

    ‘Not Found
    The requested URL /wp-admin/options.php was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 80′

    I believe it is looking for the wp-admin/options.php file in the root? I could be completely wrong. Any suggestions?

    Can any one help me with this issue?

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